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Good, Clean, Inexpensive Fun: Truck Night

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Feeling the power.Every year, our city drives its coolest vehicles to the high school parking lot. Local businesses do the same. They call the event “Trucks’n'Travel” and invite the community in for a look-see.

We’ve heard about Truck Night, but somehow Clint and I have managed to resist the pull. Until this year. Who could deny an evening of trucks to the vehicle’s biggest fan?

One day, his obsessions will involve pleas for expensive equipment, the latest gadgets and pricey concert tickets. Now, all we need to do to impress him is hang out in a parking lot awhile touching the motionless wheels of massive semis. Yes, I am savoring this innocent time.

I was curious as to which truck would incite the most awe. Roy’s a bit of a poker face. He gives up two small cues to show he’s impressed: 1) a small, partially suppressed smile and/or 2) a whispered, drawn out, “Woooow.”

The cement truck, dump truck, school bus, police car and horse were all pretty darn cool, but it was this firetruck that elicited the hard-won wow. Love gettin’ that wow.

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Starting a vegetable garden (also: horses!)

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

man at farmer's market with seedlingsWe planned on starting the garden last year. I’d hoped Roy’s first foods would be plucked from a lovingly tended garden mere feet from our side door.

As it turns out, it’s hard to find time to shower when you have a newborn, let alone ready the soil, plant a garden, maintain a garden and stay on top of a garden’s bounty. Roy’s first foods were purchased from our local farmer’s market. It was a delicious, low-maintenance and fun second-place option.

I’m happy to report that one year later, a lot more showers are happening in this household. And so, over Memorial Day weekend, we headed to the farmer’s market to purchase our seedlings.

If Clint doesn’t look 100% thrilled, it’s likely because he’s tended a vegetable garden before. I haven’t. And I may have stated that I do want to garden, but I do not want to dig. Guess who’s fated to wind up the grunt on this family project?

After we got our seedlings, eggs (organic), baguette (wheat), jerky (beef) and a few veggies, we went in for the finale: a horse-drawn wagon ride. Little did we know, the planets were perfectly aligned to turn it into The Coolest Horse-Drawn Wagon Ride Ever.


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