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Tummywatch Tuesday: 37 Weeks

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Today when I was at the doctor’s office, he said that next time, if I want, he could sweep my membranes. Move things along. I immediately told him no, thanks. I’m in no hurry. I’m excited to meet her and all, but I’m in no rush. It’ll happen. We can just leave those poor membranes alone.

At 37 weeks, she’s as big as a bunch of Swiss chard (according to the babytracker), and she’s done. Meaning she’s likely big enough, strong enough and formed enough to survive just fine, whenever she decides to show up. Which is to say: Any day now. Any day.

It’s kind of a strange feeling, knowing that at some moment very soon I will go into labor and come out the other end with my little girl. It could start tonight, while I’m sleeping. Or tomorrow, after lunch. And then everything that’s at the forefront of my mind—that deadline, that dinner with friends, Roy’s upcoming birthday party, that closet clear-out project—it disappears, replaced solely with Have Baby.

Then again, it could happen three weeks from now. That would be completely reasonable as well. It’s hard to be prepared without being anxious; excited without being antsy. It’s hard to just act as though something huge and amazing isn’t about to happen. Because it is.

As you can see, I’m big enough now that my planetary presence communicates exactly that. Strangers regularly comment on the event, so clearly impending. This makes it difficult to go about life as usual, but I don’t mind. People seem genuinely excited for me, which is so incredibly sweet and keeps me psyched. My favorite recent bout of enthusiasm came from a young gas station clerk with inky hair and awesome Cleopatra eyeliner.

Her: When are you due?

Me: A couple of weeks.

Her: I’m so excited!

Me: Yeah, well, it’s exciting!

Her: I can’t wait to have one, too. But I’m going to wait. Probably at least until I get married.

Me: That right there is a good idea. A really, really good idea.

Related: I love doughnuts. Suddenly and passionately. I gained two pounds last week. And guess what? Don’t care.

Relatively unrelated: I’ll be doing a Q&A on American Baby’s Facebook page on this Thursday, January 12, at 2:30 EST. My fellow pregnant Parents blogger, Jill Cordes, goes on at 1:30—she and I have pretty differing mindsets regarding our upcoming births, so it could be fun to throw the same question at each of us.

On to week 38.

Swiss chard image credit: iStockphoto


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