Post-Baby Socializing

We’re at the 7-week mark now, and things are going pretty well. I’m finding the baby thing a little easier the second time around.

 I’m not coming fresh to every little thing, and that contributes to an overall feeling of (relative) competence. I’m  comfortable being around a baby. Handling a baby. Having a baby.

Her cries and do not scare me, nor do the various hues and consistencies of her bowel movements. I know how to use a breast pump and what to carry in the diaper bag. We’ve already got a kid-friendly schedule in place and a daycare provider we love and trust.

It’s more about managing/balancing the family’s time (there seems to be less) and emotions (there seem to be more).

We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather here, which has made things easier. It’s drawing us out of the house, and out of our heads, much sooner than if it were the typical chilly Minnesota March. It makes a huge difference.

The most common outing is “around the block,” followed closely by “to the neighborhood park.” We sometimes swing by and pick up Vivian, Roy’s bud, and her family, too.

Check out the protective arm around the shoulder. Roy loves Vivi.

Vivi got a new brother the week after Roy got a new sister. Franklin and Vera kick it on the playground’s edge for now. Oh, the little siblings will be tearing it up soon enough.

As the weeks pass, we’re getting more adventurous. Last week, for example, Vera and I went out to lunch to celebrate Romelle’s birthday.

I’m still at that stage where showering and putting on clothes that do not double as pajamas feels like a major coup, so this was big stuff. Romelle is totally worth it.

And guess what? Clint and I went out, together, without the kids. We got them snuggled into bed, put on spitup-free clothes, then drove off to spend time with other grownups for a couple of hours. (Of course, a sitter was involved. Thanks, Bubbe!)

It felt so novel. I do not have any photos of the occasion because I was too busy talking and drinking wine and just completely enjoying what it felt like to be out talking and drinking wine. It’d been a really long time.

Yeah, things are going pretty well.

Babysmiles make everything better.

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  1. by Liz

    On March 27, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Adorable photos! Brush with fame!

    We have yet to get out of the house without the baby, although we have started talking about it. I am dragging my feet on getting my pump out of storage which is the major contributing factor to our current shut-in state.

  2. by Berit Thorkelson

    On March 27, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Do it! it feels so nice. Though I understand as pumping again is not at all fun.

  3. by A.Way

    On April 26, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    2nd time around, i’m a stay at home mom. Love the clothes that double as pajamas comment…Guilty! Love my kids…but you need adult interaction to stay balanced. Also need time away to rejuvenate, don’t forget to take care of yourself. You are no good to your kids if you don’t.