Vasectomy It Is

Me: I know we said we were done after this one, but I have to admit. There’s a teensy part of me that likes the idea of having just one more. I’d say I’m probably 90 percent sure I’m good with two. You?

Clint: Oh, I’m good with two.

Me: So what’s your percentage? How sure are you?

Clint: 100 percent.

Me: C’mon, really? You’re not even a 95?

Clint: No. Not 95. 100.

Me: What about 99, then? Doesn’t an eensy little bit of you want just one more? We could do it. I mean, we won’t. But, you know. We could.

Clint: (Staring at me intently) No. Not 99. Definitely 100.

Me: Fine. But for the record? You are not fun at all.


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