Tummywatch Tuesday: 32 Weeks

Since last week’s Tummywatch, I had a prenatal checkup, including glucose screening. That was supposed to happen at last month’s checkup, but I forgot to come in early to drink that disgusting sugary Gatorade-ish drink, so it was postponed. I remembered this time. Downed it in five minutes, then began vibrating in the waiting room as the sugar hit my system.

My visit also marked this pregnancy’s first interior exam, which I was not looking forward to. There’s enough going on up in there at the moment without adding stirrups and doctor hands to the party. But it was quick, and I suppose as good a way as any to start the increasingly tactile part of this process, which ends with a roomful of people intently focused on my southerly action. Yes, technically, it’s the baby they’re focused on, but still. It is from whence she’ll appear.

Bottom line: Inside situation is as it should be. My weight gain’s pretty much on track. The baby has a strong heartbeat. I’m measuring on the small side, which the doctor says is fine and just means I’ll probably have another little peanut, like Roy. And a big negative on the gestational diabetes. I’m actually forgetting the other thing they tested for relating to the imposed sugar rush, but I don’t have that, either. Everything’s looking good at thirty-two weeks.

The Parents.com week-by-week Babytracker has her jicama-sized. I know what jicama is and all, but I don’t regularly have them lying around whole. Do jicamas really get that large? Like 17 inches and nearly 4 pounds? That just doesn’t sound right to me. But you guys: Girl’s almost four pounds! Apparently, she’ll be gaining weight like a champ during this final stretch, possibly even doubling that figure. My waddling days are far from over.

Though who knows if she’ll gain that much, as she’s getting plenty of exercise in there. Roy was busy, and that busyness continued outside of the womb. He bore weight on his legs almost immediately, walked early, and has run practically everywhere since he discovered the pace.

The one on the way seems even busier. Or maybe “more active” is a better term. While Roy was prone to long, consistent stretches of butterfly nudges, this one produces frequent, yet random kicks, turns and elbows, oftentimes delivered with force enough to jerk my entire stomach in one direction or another. I’m a little nervous to see if/how this translates on the outside world. Maybe it means I’m eating too much sugar this time around. Or perhaps it’s an indication that she’ll be one to make her presence known. We’ll have a pretty good idea whether or not that’s the case in roughly eight—eight!—more weeks.

Jicama image: Kristada Panichgul

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  1. by Heather

    On December 8, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    You look absolutely beautiful, Berit! Just read Paula’s post about the baby name…gotta say, I sort of love Vivy…