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Cool Name of the Week: Jesse

Monday, September 30th, 2013

It seems like everyone in my Facebook feed loved last night’s series finale of Breaking Bad (certainly much more than I enjoyed the series finale of Dexter—which was deeply unsatisfying). My husband and I are still trying to catch up with Breaking Bad, thanks to AMC’s whole-series marathon and a now overfilled DVR. But what we’ve seen so far—and what I’ve surmised—poor Jesse Pinkman seems to have some of the most horrible things happen to him through the course of the series, thanks to Walter White. We’re talking Job level of misery. But does Aaron Paul’s unlucky meth dealer deserve to be name inspiration?

Jesse is a name that means “gift,” and has been a top 200 name for more than a century. It was most famously worn by the Old West outlaw Jesse James, but there’s a slew of young Hollywood actors bearing it, along with former pro-wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, and Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. One of my BFFs picked this name for her oldest son—which makes me love it even more. And you can always think of that 80s cheese-pop classic, Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

Jesse’s on a bit of a decline, thanks in part to the feminine Jessica with its shortened Jessie nickname (the goofy Disney sitcom named Jessie probably doesn’t help matters, either). But I think it’s still pretty wearable, for boys, as Jessica’s on a much sharper downward spiral (and that show has to go off the air at some point, right?).

For the ultimate in outlaw cool, pairing Jesse with James as a middle name makes a wonderfully harmonious moniker. I also love it with Francis, Rafe, Knox or Tate.

What do you think of the name Jesse? Still wearable for boys, or heading over to the girls’ side?

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Cool Name of the Week: Walter

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

I came late to the Breaking Bad party—it seems like all of my favorite shows are on Sunday nights, and my DVR can only manage so many. And I’m still not quite caught up to where this final season is taking us. But you have to credit actor Bryan Cranston for taking the role of Walter White, the mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin, and making his descent from decent guy into darkness so compelling and believable.

Even though Walter White may be the ultimate anti-hero, I’m thinking he has shaken the dust off of this formerly fuddy-duddy name. Walter’s a German name that means ruler, and it’s been a top-of-the list name through the mid-1970s, when it started a pretty steep decline. But it’s currently leveling off in the mid-300s, and even on a slight uptick.

There’s a ton of cool namesakes for your Walter, beyond a fictional meth dealer. Think Walter Raleigh, English explorer, poet Walt Whitman, actor Walter Matthau, journalism legend Walter Cronkite, or the iconic Walt Disney.

Walter needs a great middle name with it—I’d pair it with Malcolm, Gideon, or Henry.

So what do you think—is Walter too old-fashioned, or now, too dangerous, thanks to Breaking Bad? Or is it a name you’d consider for your son?

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