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Celebrity Baby Names: Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s Twins

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Just in time for the True Blood season premiere this weekend, the show’s stars, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, finally spilled the beans on the names of their adorable boy-girl twins. (I was worried they’d be sent off to college before we found out what they’re called!) And the names are: Poppy and Charlie—two names I just happen to adore.

Poppy is obviously a floral name, a bright, cheerful bloom with a name that’s just as joyful. Unlike fellow floral names Lily and Violet, Poppy still hasn’t cracked the top 1000, but it’s been a relatively popular name with the celebrity set. (Anthony Edwards, Jamie Oliver and Jessica Capshaw all picked the name for their daughters.) It fits beautifully with the name Stephen chose for his daughter from a previous relationship—Lilac.

And Charlie’s name goes hand-in-hand with the name of Stephen’s older son—Billy. It has the same casual take on a traditional name that we all know and love. No word on whether they went for the official Charles (which currently ranks #62 in baby names in the U.S.), or straight for the nickname (Charlie ranks #233 for boys). Either way, the name means “free man.”

We don’t have their middle names, but I’d probably pair Poppy with something longer—like Caroline, Clementine or Josephine. I like Charlie with something short and sweet, like James, Brooks or Bennett.

What do you think of Poppy and Charlie as a twin set? What middle names would you pick for them? And if you’re as stoked as I am for the season premiere of True Blood this weekend, check out my list of True Blood names that might just be perfect for you.

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Image: Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer by Helga Esteb /

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Did You Name Your Baby After Your Pop Culture Hero?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Everyone wants a baby with some meaning to them—whether it’s picking a name from within the family, a name that has a cool definition, or even a name they’ve loved since they were naming their baby dolls. But for some people, a good baby name is one chosen from a favorite movie, TV show, book—or even the name of a favorite actress or author.

That explains the meteoric rise of the baby name Luke after George Lucas’s Star Wars hit movie theaters in the late 1970s. And of course, Twilight probably helped Jacob and Isabella rise to the top of the baby naming charts. But what about some more offbeat names that are more clearly associated with certain pop culture creations—names like Katniss or Cinna from the Hunger Games, or Sansa or Tyrion from Game of Thrones? Would you consider choosing something that so clearly delineates you as a fan of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars—even if your son or daughter may not quite share your passion when they get bigger?

Here are a few names that I’m thinking might catch on (but haven’t quite yet) from some of the most popular pop culture phenomena in the past decade—would you consider any of these for your child?

Arwen Lord of the Rings fans might consider this name, which was used for the Elf princess who forsakes her Elven heritage after falling in love with the human Aragorn. (When he’s played by Viggo Mortensen, who wouldn’t?) Arwen is a Welsh name that means “noble lady.”

Arya The bold and brash younger daughter of the Stark family from Game of Thrones sports a Sanskrit name that means noble. I’m thinking it’s going to become immensely popular over the next few years, as the name has jumped nearly 200 spots on the top U.S. baby names list in the last year alone.

Daryl Sure, it’s a common enough name among the middle-aged set right now, but this name fell off the top 1000 baby names list earlier this century. Expect badass zombie survivor Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead to bring this name back from…well…the dead. (I think Dixon itself may also be a contender for an offbeat surname name!)

Hermione Now that Harry Potter ensured that everyone knows how to pronounce it, expect this classic Greek name, which means “messenger,” to start climbing the charts.

Katniss I’ll be surprised if this offbeat nature name, chosen for the heroine of the ultrapopular Hunger Games, doesn’t make the top 1000 baby names within the next year or two.

Remus Greco-Roman names for boys have become red hot, which may help Remus—the mythological, raised-by-wolves co-founder of Rome, and the heroic werewolf-wizard from Harry Potter—fall into favor.

Sookie Sookie’s billed as a nickname for Susan—and as the fairy-blooded waitress in the steamy supernatural soap opera True Blood, she’s giving this offbeat nickname moniker a fresh new life.

Theon A nice alternative to the typical Theodore, Theon is a Greek name that means “godly,” and comes from the Game of Thrones, where it’s used for the rebellious former ward of the Stark family, who decides to rejoin his birth family and battle the Starks for control of the country.

Thorin Found in Lord of the Rings, this leader of the dwarves is a variant on Thor, the Norse god of Thunder.

Image: Harry Potter cover by catwalker /

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Baby Name Inspiration: The Bad Boys of TV

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

To me, fall always means back to school—and back to TV, as several of my favorite shows start fresh again as the weather turns cold. (Though I have to thank the cable and network programmers for basically running new programs year-round now to keep me hooked.)

I’m kind of a fan of the anti-hero. Many of my shows feature characters that you absolutely love to hate (or maybe, if you’re like me, you just happen to love—a lot). So if you’re brave enough, consider a few baby names sported by the wickedest men on TV.

Walter I have to admit that I just started watching Breaking Bad, after years of “try it, you’ll love it” haranguing from a friend of mine. But now I’m totally addicted (pun intended) to this show about a mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin. And the name Walter, which has a very old-fashioned, regular-guy vibe (despite its military-hero meaning), really fits Walter’s past.

Dexter The slightly nerdy sounding name Dexter helps this serial-killer-cum-police-blood-splatter-expert maintain his low profile—at least until this season (can’t wait!). Dexter, which means right-handed, has become red-hot in recent years (climbing 70 spots in the past year alone)—and I think we can attribute that to Miami’s most effective (and lethal) crime fighter.

Conrad What’s more evil than a rich man who can throw his money around to get his way—no matter who gets hurt in the process? After Conrad Grayson framed her father, arranged for countless innocents to be killed—and got away with it all, it’s no wonder that Amanda Clarke (AKA Emily Thorne) is seeking Revenge. Conrad means wise advice—and this slick bad boy needs to do some savvy strategizing if he’s going to avoid falling victim to Emily/Amanda’s plot.

Eric Consider Eric Northman of True Blood a bit of a reformed bad boy—after suffering from witch-induced amnesia two seasons ago, he’s been a kinder, gentler version of the wicked Viking vamp we’d come to know and love. Eric is an old Viking name that means “eternal ruler,” perfect for this undead former heir to the throne.

Shane The Walking Dead‘s Shane started out as a good guy—the best pal of his sheriff partner, Rick Grimes. But that was before the zombie apocalypse came, and Shane left his buddy for dead and ran off with Rick’s wife and son. The next two seasons showed Shane’s descent into something less-than-human—he became a zombie on the inside before he actually became a zombie on the outside.  Shane’s an Irish name that means “God is gracious,” which is probably not something that the survivors believe right about now.

I’m excited to check out some of the new shows, to see if there’s another bad boy I should be following. Who are your favorites?

Photo: Alexander Skarsgard by s_bukley /

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Sizzling Names from True Blood

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

True Blood begins its fifth season this weekend—and Bontemps, Louisiana is crawling with more than vampires, werewolves, witches and fairies—it’s literally jam packed with some intriguing names to consider. Here are a few of my favorite name picks from the series.

Sookie Author Charlene Harris chose this variant spelling of Sukey, a nickname for Susan, for her heroine—a beautiful blonde waitress with a heart of gold who falls in love with vamps and has telepathic powers. Susan means “lily,” which makes this a roundabout way to follow the floral name trend.

Sam The owner of local hangout Merlotte’s Bar & Grill and one of Sookie’s best friends has this short and sweet handle, a nickname for Samuel, an Old Testament name that means “told by God.”

Tara Sookie’s tough-as-nails best friend sports a regal Irish name that comes from a hill where Celtic kings once resided. It’s currently on a downward trend after a streak of popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, but could be worth brushing off for your daughter.

Hoyt This English name means “long pole,” and has a sweet, old-fashioned vibe—just perfect for the gentlemanly Hoyt Fortenberry, a former mama’s boy who was a true-blue boyfriend to young vampire Jessica. Hoyt hasn’t broken the top 1000 names in decades, so you’re guaranteed your boy would be the only one sporting the name.

Russell The formidable vampire king may be a brunet, but his name, which means “red head,” says otherwise. This classic name falls just around the top 400 names, so it’s popular without being overdone.

Ginger The lovably ditzy cocktail waitress at vamp hangout Fangtasia is named for the spicy ginger plant. It hasn’t ranked in the top 1000 in over two decades, which means it might be ripe for a comeback.

Daphne The ill-fated shapeshifting girlfriend of Sam, Daphne has a classic Greek name that means “laurel tree.” It’s currently ranked in the top 500 names in the U.S.

Alcide The hunky werewolf with a heart of gold gets this Spanish name, which means “viceroy.” It’s a very unique name that lends itself nicely to less exotic nicknames (like Al).

What names do you like from True Blood? And what do you think the series has in store for this season?

Photo: Joe Manganiello (Alcide) from True Blood by Helga Esteb /


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