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Baby Name Dilemma: A Girl’s Name for Baby #4

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

We all have our “dream names” that we use for our first baby (or three), but sometimes coming up with a name that you love for baby #4 can be a challenge. That’s the issue reader Katie has:

I am expecting my 4th child in about 5 weeks. My husband and I can not agree on anything for a name. My other three children are Ethan (13), Presley (girl), and Emett (4 year old twins).

I am leaning towards surnames or even boy names for a girl. My trouble becomes one minute I like something and the next I don’t. I want something different, but not weird. I want people to be able to pronounce it and spell it, but I don’t want there to be five other little girls in her class with the same name.

Names are hard. They are such a big decision. I have no idea how we were able to come up with two names for the twins. However, when we agreed on Presley after they were delivered I didn’t really like it. I do still love the boys’ names we chose, though. I am hoping to find a girl’s name that I feel the same about for this little one.

Looks like you picked some really intriguing names for your first three—nothing too popular, but definitely still on people’s radar as a good name. Clearly, you want something not-so-traditionally girl (so no Amelia or Penelope for you, right?).

Finley is one of my favorites for girls (and boys). It’s a Celtic name that means “fair-haired hero,” and while it’s up and coming, it’s still a bit below the radar (it just broke the top 300 for girls last year). I think it would pair beautifully with the other names you’ve picked.

Another (more popular) unisex name that matches beautifully with the names of your other kids is Peyton, which is just below the top 50 currently. I like that it features similar sounds to her siblings—Presley and Peyton make a good sister pair, don’t you think?

There’s a slew of fun “R” names that are unisex—Rowan, Rory, Regan, Romilly and Remy all could work for your daughter. Of these four, I’d pick Rowan and Remy as the best two options.

And then there’s Marley. Yes, it’s currently associated with the dog in the best selling book and movie—but it also has ties to reggae great Bob Marley, and of course, the ghost of Dickens’ classic, Christmas Carol. With a meaning like “seaside meadow,” it’s a lovely choice. Not into Marley? Try Marlowe, which a few celebs have picked for their daughters (in honor of Britain’s great playwright, perhaps?).

Two other options for you: I love Arden, which is the name of the forest in Shakespeare’s As You Like It and means “valley of the eagle.” It hasn’t hit the top 1000 yet—I think it’s a wonderful choice. And it’s not unisex or a surname, but Imogen, a longtime British favorite that means “maiden,” would sound beautiful with the rest of your choices. It’s on the radar of many naming experts as an up-and-comer, but it still hasn’t cracked the top 1000 yet. You could be a trend setter with that one!

Readers: What other options would you suggest for Katie?

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British Baby Names
British Baby Names
British Baby Names

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Celebrity Baby Names: Jenna Fischer’s New Daughter

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Office star Jenna Fischer welcomed her second child with husband Lee Kirk. Joining big brother Weston Lee is little sister Harper Marie. (I’m sensing that Jenna and Lee love surname names—don’t you?)

Harper has been a huge favorite lately for ladies—it’s currently the 16th most popular name for girls. It means, naturally, “harp player.”

Marie is a French variant of Mary, and means bitter. It’s been a top middle name choice for decades, and it’s currently in the top 600 baby names for the U.S.

In all, a lovely name, and one that it’s likely that some of you may have picked. (No oddball names here!)

Tell us: Do you love Jenna’s choice? And if you are one of the moms who picked Harper for your daughter, what did you pick as the middle name?

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Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?
Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?
Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?

Image: Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk by DFree /

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Cool Name of the Week: Dixon

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

There are characters you love to hate. And then there are characters you love to hate, that turn around and surprise you. And that’s exactly what happened last night with Merle Dixon, one of a pair of badass brothers on The Walking Dead. While Merle’s little brother Daryl has been a fan favorite, it’s hard to imagine that Merle hasn’t become one after last night.

The name Merle might seem a little too old-fashioned to resurrect—though it’s actually a charming French name that means blackbird, and a name I wouldn’t mind seeing make a comeback as an alternative to the popular Miles. But Dixon has promise as part of that surname-as-a-name trend. It has the cool “x” factor, and it’s a relative of the classic name Richard. Its biggest claim to fame (at least, pre-zombie apocalypse TV shows) is Jeremiah Dixon, one of a pair of surveyors who settled a colonial era border dispute and determined the line between Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia—essentially, the line between North and South. Other than that, it’s been used as a first name for characters in a few nighttime soaps, but is still relatively unheard of—which may make it intriguing for those looking for a slightly more offbeat name. (You might consider it for your son if you’re a fan of the uberpopular Dylan.)

A name like Dixon needs a short, sharp middle name. I’m favoring James (as in Jesse James), West or Jude.

What do you think of the baby name Dixon? Would you add that to your boys’ name list, or do you think it’s a little too out there?

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