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Star Wars Baby Names

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

The news that George Lucas had sold Disney the rights to the Star Wars saga was met with a little trepidation and much jubilation in my family. We’re excited about new Star Wars attractions next time we head to Disney World, and most of all, my daughters are thrilled at the idea of brand-spanking-new Star Wars movies, set to debut in a few years.

If your family’s just as thrilled with the idea of new Star Wars films, perhaps a name inspired by Lucas’ opus could be a good fit for your family. While names like Yoda and Anakin aren’t completely real-world friendly, I’ve picked a few here that could work in real life. Check them out:

Padme Mom of twins Luke and Leia, and Anakin Skywalker’s one true love, Padme is an alternative spelling for Padma, a Sanskrit name that means lotus flower.

Ben Fan favorite Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi goes “undercover” as Ben when the Jedi are exiled. It’s a simple name that means “son.”

Luke I’ve already written about my love of this name, for the hero of the first (and my favorite) Star Wars trilogy.

Landon I think Lando might be a tough sell, but this variant on the name of Han Solo’s  fast-talking Cloud City compadre Lando Calrissian has become a red-hot name (it’s currently #34 here in the U.S.).

Leia Carrie Fisher’s gun-toting, imperious princess was the forerunner of today’s tough-as-nails, rescue-themselves Disney princesses (like Merida, Mulan, and Rapunzel). Leia is a variant spelling of Leah, which means weary.

Cody Commander Cody is a Clone Wars hero (and a clone)—and a name that’s currently in the top 200 for boys.

Owen Luke’s uncle, who cared for him after Anakin became Darth Vader, has a name that’s currently in vogue—it means “warrior,” and it’s in the top 50 names in the country.

Mace This name has strong roots, as a type of weapon—and as one of the toughest Jedi out there, Mace Windu (played by one of the toughest actors out there, Samuel L. Jackson).

Rex Another top Clone leader from the animated series The Clone Wars, Rex is a Latin name that means king.

Luminara Luminara Unduli is one of my daughter’s favorite Jedi—a strong warrior dressed in black, whose name is a variant on the Latin word for light.

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Cool Name of the Week: Luke

Monday, July 9th, 2012

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away—there lived a brash young man with dreams of becoming a star pilot. My husband was hooked from the age of 6 on the tales of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. So much so that we own the six Star Wars movies in every available movie format, along with a cavalcade of Star Wars figures new and old for him and my oldest daughter, who is equally intense in her love of George Lucas’ opus.

So when we talked about names for a potential future son, Luke was on my short list. I liked how the short name and the hard “K” sound at the end played nicely with my husband’s long, vowel-filled last name. And I loved that it was a character we both loved (I’m not quite as passionate, but I know my R2D2s from my R5D4s), that was such a strong, good person—much like my husband.

But he wasn’t having it. He felt that naming his son Luke would put him in the “supernerd” league, and make our name choice the brunt of too many jokes amongst our family and friends. And so, Luke got crossed off of our list.

It’s clear that not every Star Wars fan has those same concerns…Luke started a strong rise in popularity soon after the Star Wars movies started rolling out, and in the past decade or so (when the kids who grew up with Star Wars became parents themselves), it’s been consistently in the top 100 names—and is currently number 41.

Luke began as a Greek place name, meaning someone from Lucania. It was the name of one of the four New Testament authors, and also a few wild and woolly characters, including Luke Duke of Dukes of Hazzard and Cool Hand Luke from the classic Western.

But my guess is that most of the young boys named Luke have dads with light sabers in their closets. Would you name your child after a beloved movie or book character?

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