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All I Keep Hearing Is Sandy…

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a whole lot of baby name inspiration this week. The only thing you hear around here is Sandy, Sandy, Sandy (and not in a good way). I am one of the very lucky ones—I never lost heat or power, the damage to my house was minimal, and no one I know has been hurt in the storm—but I’m surrounded by heartache. My neighbors are still without power and still have trees on their homes. Our local grocery store is out of power and having people shop their dry goods in the dark; the other ones nearby are big on crowds and small on essentials. The schools have been closed all week, Halloween was postponed, and given the wires and tree branches down, it’s been hard to let our kids play outside. And getting gas involves a two-hour wait in a long line, for just $20 in gas. (And if you know about gas prices, you know that won’t take you far.)

So we’ve tried to make the best of things. We’ve had an influx of friends coming by for warmth or a phone charge or extra ice, and we’ve tried to make being homebound as exciting as we can for my daughters (including having a few friends over for Halloween festivities). We’ve gone through our things and collected some food, water, toiletries, cleaning supplies and clothing to donate to those who were much harder hit. We’re donating to the Red Cross, too. And we’re hoping that next week brings a return to normalcy—or at least some semblance of it.

Though amidst all this sorrow, there is joy and hope. There are the neonatal nurses who carried the sickest babies down nine flights, maintaining respiration the whole way. There’s the women who gave birth during the hurricane (including this amazing story of a mom who gave birth to her darling daughter Henley at home as the hurricane raged on). And there are the stories of heroism and kindness—some reported, some of which simply go unnoticed by all but a lucky few. And I hope as next week dawns, we’ll find so much more to celebrate.

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Would You Name Your Kid After a Hurricane?

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

So I’m in the midst of preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy (AKA Frankenstorm), and I was thinking that Sandy was such an odd name for a storm that seems destined to inflict some serious damage on my area. When I hear the name Sandy, I think of Olivia Newton-John in Grease or the loveable dog in Annie. Sandy’s a friendly, let’s-hang-at-the-beach kind of name—not a name that means “I’m going to shove the beach into your basement.”

It’s most commonly a friendly nickname for Sandra, which means “defending men.” Not exactly what this storm plans to do, given that it’s headed for the most populous area of the country.

Apparently, some people do decide to name their kids after hurricanes and major storms—I guess figuring that might inspire their son or daughter to be a real force of nature. But it isn’t like it’s a big bunch of naming experts picking out the names for these storms—it’s a set of meteorologists at the World Meteorological Organization who put their heads together and choose names. There are a six-year rotation of names, and they are often repeated year after year, until a named storm inflicts some real damage—like Andrew, for instance, and then the name’s retired and a new one takes its place. My name, Lisa, has been on their list for a while, and is due to be recycled in 2016 again. I’d rather that it keeps hitting the rotation, rather than see it cause death and destruction.

But if you’re a big weather geek, maybe you’d want to take a peek at their name list, which features quite a few names I like—Grace and Ophelia for girls, Colin and Isaac for boys. Maybe you’ll find something to love on there?

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