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What Are the Top Names Where You Live?

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Sophia and Jacob may be the most popular U.S. baby names overall, but they aren’t the top names in every state. In fact, Sophia only topped the charts in 17 states, and three names were actually tops in more states than Jacob. (Jacob ranked #1 in four states, while William, Liam and Mason all topped the charts in more states than that.)

But what’s even more interesting are some of the names that made the top 5 in some states, but aren’t even in the top 10 in the U.S. Washington DC had some unique girls’ names, Charlotte and Genesis. Harper was also #4 in Montana, Nebraska, Iowa and North Dakota, and #2 in South Dakota—I’m already predicting that it hits the top 10 next year. Some unique names in the number 5 spot include Aaliyah (New Mexico), Avery (Minnesota), Lily (Utah) and Ella (Vermont).

The boys’ names were even more varied. Henry’s making major inroads—it may be only #43 overall, but it hit the top 5 in Washington DC, Minnesota and Oregon. Logan was in the top five in Hawaii, Idaho, Vermont and Wyoming, while Wyatt continued to be red-hot in the West—it was #3 in Montana and #5 in Wyoming. Some other unique names included Gabriel (#4 in Alaska), Ryan (#3 in Massachusetts), Carter (#3 in Iowa and #5 in Michigan), and Bentley and Hunter, both in the top 5 in West Virginia.

Of course, if you take into account the variety of ways baby names can be spelled—like Sophia/Sofia, Aiden/Aidan/Ayden and other creative spellings, the top names may look pretty different across the board. (Take a look at this top baby girls’ names, compiled by listing all the variant spellings—and you’ll see a different picture of the top baby names.)

What baby names are you hearing a lot where you live? (Check out our Name Game to tell us what other names you love—or love to hate!)

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Will Nelly Be the Most Popular Baby Name for 2013?

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

We still haven’t even gotten the official numbers on what names were popular here in the U.S. for 2012, but thanks to the power of the internet, we’re getting a sense of what might be hot for 2013. Our buddies over at Nameberry parsed their baby-name numbers, and came up with some surprising picks for 2013′s hot names—including old-school monikers like Mavis and Bruce, Nordic names like Thor and Linnea, and pop-culture picks like Christian (as in 50 Shades of Grey Christian) and Marnie (from the show Girls).

I’m intrigued that Nelly made their hot name list. I picked Penelope as a hot up-and-comer for this year, but it appears that a few people are skipping right to the nickname on this one (Nelly is also considered a nickname for Helen or Eleanor, along with Penelope). Maybe we’re finally ready to skip the formal name and go right for the nickname?

The other surprise from their list? The dramatic rise in interest in the name Wilder. According to the Nameberry folks, views of Wilder have leaped 200 percent in the first part of this year. It’s a surname name, associated with both Our Town playwright Thornton Wilder and beloved Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Its associations give the name an all-American, wild-hearted vibe.

Of course, looking isn’t the same as choosing—and those parents looking at Linnea and Mavis may end up following the status quo and picking Olivia or Jacob. And there’s more than one baby-naming site out there—our numbers at show different hot names—Irish names like Connor and Liam for boys, and sweet Lucia and Mia for girls.

What do you think of Nameberry’s top 13? Have you heard of anyone giving their kids one of their picks? Or do you have your very own little Marnie or Bruce?

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New Year, New Hot Names?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Happy New Year! We may already be a few days into 2013, but we’ll still have to wait until spring to get the official word on what baby names are up and coming—and which ones are on the decline. But I made a few predictions as to what’s going to be the cool new set of names for 2013.

For boys, I’m seeing Camden, Magnus and Atticus as the new up-and-comer names, thanks to some well-selected celebrity baby names—and people looking for a fresh alternative to the Braden, Caden, Jaden, Aiden crew that’s been dominating the top boys’ names for nearly a decade now.

For girls, names with unique endings sound fresh for this year. While The Em- and El- names may still dominate the top 20 (we’re talking Emma, Emily, Ella,and Elena), people are looking for fresher sounding names. I’d look at names like Angelique, which moved up 250 spots on the list in the last year alone, and Penelope, picked by Tina Fey and Kourtney Kardashian, which seems likely to move up in popularity in 2013.

For middle names, I think offbeat choices are going to become even more popular. We’re talking nature/outdoorsy names like Rue, Snow, Lark and West. The middle name is one place where people feel comfortable letting their creativity go wild.

What names do you think are on the upswing? I’d love to hear your predictions for what’s going to be hot in 2013! And don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook, so you can keep up on the latest in baby names.

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