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Celebrity Baby Names: Bruce Willis’ Daughter!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Bruce Willis is definitely thinking pink today: He just welcomed his fifth daughter! And this baby name is just as cool and eclectic as those he gave to her big sisters: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah (with ex-wife Demi Moore) and Mabel Ray, with wife Emma Heming-Willis. The newest addition to the Willis clan? Welcome Evelyn Penn!

Evelyn is actually a lot more popular than you’d imagine—it’s the 27th most popular name in the country. Consider it a part of that uberpopular Ev/Av crew, with Ava, Eva, Evangeline and Avery. It hit the top 10 back in the 1910s—and I’m going to be very intrigued to see if it’s inched closer to the top spot when the Social Security Administration’s top baby name list comes out later this week. Evelyn has a very sweet meaning—wished for child. I’d definitely put it on my short list if I was expecting!

Penn is an English surname—perhaps in homage to someone in Emma’s family, as she hails from England. Penna was recently picked by actor Ian Ziering for his daughter, so perhaps Penn is the celebrity baby name syllable du jour. Penn’s most famous bearers are William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania—and of course, actor Sean Penn.

What do you think of the name? Does Evelyn still feel too old-fashioned to you—or is it ready for the top 10?

Find your perfect baby name with our Baby Name Finder—and don’t forget to like In Name Only so you can keep up with the very latest in baby names (including the big announcement of the top baby names in the U.S. later this week!).

British Baby Names
British Baby Names
British Baby Names

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Baby Name Dilemma: A Pretty Italian Name for Snooki’s Baby-to-Be

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

The Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi did a pretty great job naming her son—I love the name Lorenzo! But apparently, she’s stumped for names when it comes to her new baby to be. She recently posted on her CeleBuzz blog: “Help us with names! We honestly have no ideas for any names, and I’m looking for something original like Lorenzo. Something Italian, and beautiful.”

Readers of Snooki’s blog have already given her lots of great advice, but here are my picks for a potential daughter:

Allegra I really wish the allergy med hadn’t co-opted this one. It’s a pretty name, has a wonderful meaning (joyful), and is easy to pronounce and understand, yet not exactly popular.

Giada This gem of a name is an actual gem—it means “jade.” Thanks to popular Food Network chef Giada DeLaurentiis, it’s been in the top 1000 since 2007, but it’s still unique enough to set Snooki’s daughter apart. Consider it the girl version of her fab name Lorenzo.

Valentina This top 200 baby name means healthy and strong, and comes with a whole slew of cute nicknames (I’m partial to Lena). I think it would flow beautifully with Snooki’s fiancé Jionni LaValle’s last name.

Francesca A-lister Drew Barrymore just picked the boyish nickname from this Italian favorite for her daughter—could Snooki have her own Frankie, too? Francesca means “free man,” and is currently a top 500 name.

Luciana This sweet Italian variant on Lucy means “light,” and is on a sharp upswing in the U.S.—though it still hasn’t cracked the top 500. This is another one that comes with lots of fun nicknames—which is a very big consideration with the Jersey Shore crew!

Luna Thanks to Harry Potter and Uma Thurman, Luna’s been on a big upswing over the past decade, from near the bottom of the top 1000 to the top 250. (Expect it to go even higher this year, thanks to a character on True Blood and Uma’s daughter. This sweet name means moon.

And for a son:

Aurelio  This name means “golden one,” and really flows beautifully with LaValle.

Orlando Don’t think DisneyWorld when you think of this name—think more like Orlando Bloom. The name means “famous,” making perfect for the offspring of a reality show star, don’t you think?

Santino Popularized in The Godfather, this name means “little saint,” even though the character was anything but. The name Santino is just about to break through the top 600 here in the U.S.

So what do you think? Share your favorite Italian-flavored names here for Snooki. If you need help searching, check out our Baby Name Finder. Or check out our Baby Fame Name Generator for a name worthy of the A list.

Image: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi by Jaguar PS/

Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret
Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret
Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret

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Cool Name of the Week: Ophelia

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Last week, we celebrated the Bard’s 450th birthday—and the fact that he made so many of his character’s names instant (and timeless) classics. William Shakespeare’s first name is still a top 10 choice after centuries, and names like Juliet, Rosalind, Cordelia, Duncan, Miranda, Viola and yes, even Romeo have popped up time and time again.

But one character’s name has often gotten the short shrift—and that’s Ophelia. The fact that the bearer of the name drowned in the river in Hamlet’s tragic tale probably helped doom the name—it hasn’t been in the top 1000 since the 1950s. But it’s a beautiful name, a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Olivia, and has a lovely meaning—help. Matilda author Roald Dahl even picked it for one of his daughters.

Ophelia needs a nice short middle name to go with it. I’d pair it with Lark, Rose, Hope or Faith.

What do you think of the name Ophelia? Too burdened by the weight of its tragic Shakespearean character, or worthy of another look? And what other Shakespeare names do you love? You can check out my list of the most wearable baby names from Shakespeare for inspiration!

Make sure to check out our Baby Name Finder to help you search for the perfect name for your baby. And don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby names!

British Baby Names
British Baby Names
British Baby Names

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Are There Any Boys’ Names You Wouldn’t Give a Girl?

Friday, April 25th, 2014

These days, it seems like more and more boys’ names are crossing the aisle and turning pink, particularly when it comes to celebrity baby names. James has become a middle name for girls—everyone from Sean Combs to Jennifer Love Hewitt used it—and recent celeb daughters have been named Asa, Frankie and Lincoln.

So is there anything in the boy column that you can’t see becoming a girls’ name? Top 10 names like Joshua, Mason and Jacob feel a little too solidly in the boys’ column to move over, and don’t naturally lend themselves to feminization. But many of the boys’ names I might put in that column, like Joseph, William, Robert—have their feminine counterparts.

But even in the top 25 boys’ names, there are plenty of contenders for future unisex status: Aiden and Jayden have been definitely heard for girls, and Logan and Noah definitely could be crossover contenders.

Of course, as more and more names become unisex, that tends to leave fewer and fewer names for the boys—names like Tracy, Ashley, Harper and Meredith were once boys’ names, and are now nearly exclusively used for the girls.

Tell me: What do you think? Can you think of any boys’ names that you think would never work for a girl? Would you use a unisex name that’s trending more toward the girls, like Bailey or Quinn, for a boy?

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Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret
Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret
Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret

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Celebrity Baby Names: Drew Barrymore’s New Daughter

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Congratulations to Drew Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman, who just welcomed girl #2. Joining big sister Olive is Frankie Barrymore Kopelman.

Frankie is a more casual nickname for name-on-the-rise Frances (or the more Italian Francesca) which means, “free man.” Actresses Amanda Peet and Mia Farrow and rocker Nikki Sixx also used Frankie for their daughters, either as the formal name or as a nickname, though traditionally, Frankie’s been more often in the boys’ column name wise.

I’d probably pair Frances/Frankie with something fun and a little more feminine in the middle spot. I like Ramona, Jane, Belle or Charlotte.

Olive and Frankie seem like a cute sibling set, don’t you think?

What do you think of the name Frankie? Would you go for the nickname or a more formal version, like Frances or Francesca?

If you’re still looking for the perfect name, try our Baby Name Generator, or email me at with your baby name dilemma. And don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby names!

Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name

Image: Drew Barrymore by Helga Esteb /

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