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Celebrity Baby Names: Hank Baskett And Kendra Wilkinson’s New Daughter

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett welcomed their second child earlier this week! Joining big brother Hank IV is a girl given a combo of an old school boy’s name and an old-school girl’s name: Alijah Mary.

Alijah is a variant on the popular Elijah, which means “Jehovah is God.” This spelling shift is near the top 500 baby names for boys, while Elijah is #11. Alijah is rarely used for girls—in fact, only 24 girls were given that name in the U.S. last year. Its most noted namesake was Elijah was an Old Testament prophet.

Mary, on the other hand, is about as traditional as you can get for a girl. Mary was the name for the mother of Jesus in the Bible, a number of British royals, and numerous other notable women. It was the most popular baby name for decades, but has now fallen off a bit, to the top 125.

What do you think of Alijah? Do you think it’s ready to cross the aisle for girls, or is it a boys’ only name? And is Mary ready for its comeback?

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Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret
Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret
Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret


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Cool Name of the Week: India

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Place names are apparently all the rage, at least for girls—among the top movers and shakers, five place names jumped more than 100 spots in popularity. And one of the biggest jumpers was U.K. favorite India, which leaped 240 places and finally entered the top 1000 here in the U.S.

India is, of course, one of the most populous countries on the planet, with more than 1 billion people, one with a rich and interesting history and culture—and it gives this name a touch of its timeless grandeur. Thanks to its long-standing popularity in the U.K. (and the U.K.’s once-upon-a-time rule of the country), it also feels vaguely British, too.

It was the name of Ashley Wilkes’ disapproving sister in Gone With the Wind, but it’s likely India achieved its newfound popularity because Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky picked it for their eldest daughter. Celebs like singer Sarah McLachlan and Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein also favored it for their daughters.

India needs a special middle name—no Jane or Anne for this one. Chris and Elsa paired it with Rose, Harvey picked Pearl, both of which would be lovely with it. I’d also like it with Jade, Scarlett, Violet, and Charlotte.

What do you think of the name India? Is it ready for the big time here in the U.S.?

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Indian Baby Names
Indian Baby Names
Indian Baby Names

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What Baby Names Are Rising—And Falling?

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

While this year brought a big shakeup at the top of the boys’ charts, the more interesting story is what names are rising fast on the charts—and what’s tanking. The fastest risers may give an indication of the latest trends (or a pop culture phenomenon at work).

Top risers for girls include Daleyza (up a whopping 3130 spots), a name invented by reality star Larry Hernandez of Larrymania; Marjorie (up 735 places), which may be riding on the coattails of Game of Thrones‘ version of Princess Di, Margaery; Lennon, the former Beatles’ surname gone girls’ name; and the celeb favorite Everly/Everleigh—both spellings were among the top risers for girls. Two of my favorites among the girls’ high-riser lists are Freya, the Scandinavian goddess, and Mabel, Bruce Willis’ pick for his nearly two-year-old.

On the boys’ hot list is Jayceon (up 845 spots), a creative spelling of standby Jason; place name Milan (up 650), picked by Shakira for her son; mythological name Atlas (up 614); and the other Jason/Jay “creative” alternative, Jayse.

Among my favorites on the boys’ high rise list, you’ll find a pair of title names, Duke and Deacon, and the Scandinavian royal name Magnus, a favorite of celebrities and a literally great name.

And of course, what goes up must come down! The boys’ name biggest losers were all creative spellings of popular names: Austyn, Masen, Trevon, Jaidyn and Bently. (Unfortunately for those who hate creative spellings, there were plenty of oddly spelled names among the up-and-comers, too.) The girls’ name losers were a mixed bag: Litzy, a Mexican nickname popularized by a pop songstress, old-lady name Geraldine, plus Marisa, Taraji and Adley.

You can view the whole list of movers and shakers on the Social Security Administration site. Tell me: What is your favorite on these lists? And where do you stand on the whole creative spelling thing?

Keep watching this blog for more updates on the baby name list (you can like me on Facebook to ensure you’re always in the know)! And if you’re still looking for the perfect baby name, check out our baby name finder!

Baby Names: How to Know You've Picked the Right Name
Baby Names: How to Know You've Picked the Right Name
Baby Names: How to Know You've Picked the Right Name

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Most Popular Baby Names—Revealed!

Friday, May 9th, 2014

The Social Security Administration finally revealed the list of the most popular baby names for 2013, and it’s a new number one—at least on the boys’ side. Finally knocking Jacob out of the top spot after more than a decade is the Biblical Noah! On the girls’ side, Sophia still reigns supreme, with a little switching of spots between the next three: Emma, Olivia and Isabella. Here’s the whole top 10 for boys—and for girls!

Top 10 for Boys & Girls

1. Noah & Sophia

2. Liam & Emma

3. Jacob & Olivia

4. Mason & Isabella

5. William & Ava

6. Ethan & Mia

7. Michael & Emily

8. Alexander & Abigail

9. Jayden & Madison

10. Daniel & Elizabeth

You can see the full list on the Social Security site. Don’t see the perfect name for your baby in the top 10 (or you’re looking for something that’s not quite in the spotlight)? Use our Baby Name Finder to search out a great moniker, or send me your dilemma at to get personalized advice. And keep watching this blog as we slice and dice the numbers and analyze which baby names are trending, which ones are on the way out, and what’s most popular in your neighborhood! (You can like me on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss a post!)

Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?
Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?
Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?

Image: popular baby names by B Calkins/

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Celebrity Baby Names: Bruce Willis’ Daughter!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Bruce Willis is definitely thinking pink today: He just welcomed his fifth daughter! And this baby name is just as cool and eclectic as those he gave to her big sisters: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah (with ex-wife Demi Moore) and Mabel Ray, with wife Emma Heming-Willis. The newest addition to the Willis clan? Welcome Evelyn Penn!

Evelyn is actually a lot more popular than you’d imagine—it’s the 27th most popular name in the country. Consider it a part of that uberpopular Ev/Av crew, with Ava, Eva, Evangeline and Avery. It hit the top 10 back in the 1910s—and I’m going to be very intrigued to see if it’s inched closer to the top spot when the Social Security Administration’s top baby name list comes out later this week. Evelyn has a very sweet meaning—wished for child. I’d definitely put it on my short list if I was expecting!

Penn is an English surname—perhaps in homage to someone in Emma’s family, as she hails from England. Penna was recently picked by actor Ian Ziering for his daughter, so perhaps Penn is the celebrity baby name syllable du jour. Penn’s most famous bearers are William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania—and of course, actor Sean Penn.

What do you think of the name? Does Evelyn still feel too old-fashioned to you—or is it ready for the top 10?

Find your perfect baby name with our Baby Name Finder—and don’t forget to like In Name Only so you can keep up with the very latest in baby names (including the big announcement of the top baby names in the U.S. later this week!).

British Baby Names
British Baby Names
British Baby Names

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