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Cool Name of the Week: Rory

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

It had to be an Irish name for this week, when everyone’s just a little bit Irish. But Patrick seemed to be a little too cliche—and while it’s a timeless name, it’s not exactly red-hot these days.

But compare that with the equally Irish name Rory, and you’ll see what red hot really means. This Irish name means “red king,” and it’s on a sharp spike here in the U.S. since 2007, sitting at #481. In Scotland and Ireland, it’s a top 50 name!

You can attribute the sharpest part of the spike, from 2010-present, to the recent renaissance in popularity of Doctor Who—and two of his most beloved companions, the Ponds. That’s Amelia Pond (the girl who waited), and her future husband and true love, Rory, who died off and was resurrected a record number of times during his two years of traveling with the Doctor.

To me, Rory’s kind of a perfect name for someone looking to share their Irish heritage with their son—it’s a simple and straightforward, without the difficult spellings and pronunciations, like fellow Irish monikers Aoife and Ciaran. And if you’re daring, Rory works pretty well for a daughter, too.

I’d pair Rory with something else equally cool—Knox, Shea, True or Sage.

What do you think of the baby name Rory? Is it worthy of consideration? Check out our baby name finder to choose the perfect name for your baby, and don’t forget to like In Name Only to keep up with the latest in baby names.


Irish Baby Names
Irish Baby Names
Irish Baby Names

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Doctor Who Inspired Baby Names

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Tomorrow’s the 50th anniversary of one of sci-fi’s most beloved characters—the time-traveling, two-hearted Doctor Who. We’ll be celebrating it big time in our house, with British-y food (including Jelly Babies, if I can find them), and watching the special “Day of the Doctor” show.

The good Doctor’s name still remains under wraps, 50 years later—only his wife apparently knows what it is. But if you do a little trolling amongst the Doctors many companions through the years, you’ll find some cool names that might be worth considering.

Clara Oswald is the Doctor’s current companion, and has a bit of an odd past, having popped up in the series and died a few different times before signing on as a companion. Clara means bright, and is on a big run for the top right now, nearing the top 100 baby names in the U.S.

Rose Tyler is likely my favorite companion, and the first of the modern-era companions. A plucky former shopgirl, she helped the Doctor save the world—a lot. Her pretty floral name has become red hot over the past three years, and is currently at #261 in the U.S.

Sarah-Jane Smith was the Fourth Doctor’s companion (you know, the one with the funky striped scarf). She’s often held up as the most beloved of the Doctor’s companions, and even launched her own spinoff, The Sarah-Jane Chronicles. I’m intrigued by the hyphenated first name, combining two ultraclassic names—the Biblical Sarah, which means princess, and the stately Jane, which means God’s gift.

Amy Pond’s official name is the uberpopular Amelia. This spunky redhead traveled with the 11th Doctor and her future husband—and (spoiler alert!) gave birth to the Doctor’s wife. Amelia means “work.”

Rory Williams was Amy Pond’s true love and mate, who followed his Scottish lass through a very convoluted timeline in the Doctor’s TARDIS. His Irish name means red king, and is currently in the top 500 baby names for boys.

Captain Jack Harkness was one of the coolest characters on the new series—a bit of a smarmy and brash American time traveler, who flirted with anyone who walked. Jack’s a top name in the UK, and in the top 50 here in the U.S., and is a variation of John.

Wilfred Mott is the grandfather of one of the Tenth Doctor’s companions, Donna Noble, and he went on to travel with the Doctor himself. His name, which means “desires peace,” fell out of the top 1000 nearly a half century ago, but this name offers two red-hot nicknames—Will and Freddie—in one.

River Song is the name of the Doctor’s wife, who can travel through time and definitely keep the brilliant Doc on his toes. River is just starting to become popular for girls, but it’s a lovely name (especially combined with Song!).

Tegan Jovanka was one of the longest running companions, traveling with the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. Her name is a modern invention, and has only been in the top 1000 names for 2010 and 2011.

Martha Jones was very nearly a doctor (though a more mundane kind) in her own right—she’s a med student who traveled with the 10th Doctor. Her name means “lady,” and is in the top 800 baby names here in the U.S.

Are you a big fan of Doctor Who? What do you think the Doctor’s name is? And would you pick a companion’s name for your son or daughter?  If you’re still looking for a name, don’t forget to check out our Baby Name Finder.

Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret
Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret
Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret

Image: TARDIS by Graeme Dawes/

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Cool Name of the Week: Clara

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

I tried hard to get into Dr. Who when I was younger—but even though I was digging the extra long scarf sported by the Doctor back when I was a kid, I could never manage to care enough about the Tardis and the Daleks. But I just finished watching the big 50th anniversary episode of the good Doctor’s show, and I have to say I might be interested in watching more. And I especially loved his current companion, Clara Oswin Oswald—the impossible girl who seems to have saved Doctor Who a whole lot. (Reminding me a whole lot of my other favorite girl who saved the world a lot…Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But with a much cooler name.)

Clara’s experienced a resurgence outside of the Doctor’s fans—after a dip through the 198s0 and 1990s, it’s now climbing and currently at #136. It’s a name of Latin descent, and means clear and bright. It also has some lovely historical meaning, thanks to Civil War nurse Clara Barton, silent screen star Clara Bow, and Clara, the lead character in the Christmas classic, Nutcracker. And it’s a nice alternative to the more popular Claire.

It’s a delicate name that works beautifully with some elegant middle names. I love it with Emily, Violet, Josephine, Margaret or even Scarlett. If you like the short-and-sweet middle names, there’s always Jane, Blue or even Bette.

What do you think of Clara? Is it a name you’d consider for your daughter? (Check out our Name Game to tell us what other names you love—or love to hate!)

Photo: Pregnant woman via Ronald Summers/

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