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Baby Name Dilemma: What Goes With Cassidy?

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Boys’ names always seem to be much more challenging for parents-to-be—especially when there are already sibling names to consider. Reader Emily is having a hard time finding a name for her daughter Cassidy’s new baby brother:

My husband and I are expecting a boy in August. We have a 20 month old daughter named Cassidy. We almost came to blows trying to find the perfect blend of not too common, but not too off-the-wall, for her name. For our son, we are having even more difficulty trying to follow this path we set for ourselves. One of the biggest concerns (for me, at least) is our last name is Head (bleck!), so we have to find something that doesn’t sound ridiculous. We also don’t want it to be so common that he will have to be called by his full name in school (I had about 4 Jennifers as friends in elementary school, and STILL call them by their first and last names, out of habit).

We THOUGHT we agreed on Cameron. It met all of our criteria: two or more syllables; good choice of nicknames; and not too common…or so we thought. We’ve met two couples expecting boys, and each are naming their sons Cameron! We are also afraid Cassidy and Cameron are too “cutesy” together.

Any suggestions/thoughts you might have would be MUCH appreciated!

First, let me just say that Cameron and Cassidy are a nice sibling set, and not too cutesy. Cameron appears to be on a big upswing lately, thanks to Modern Family, but hey, if you love the name—you should go for it!

With the surname Head, you do have to be very careful with your name choices. (No word names for you!) You could go for another surname name, like Cassidy and Cameron. Sullivan, Jameson, Donovan and Callahan are up-and-comers that are still not super popular, or consider Finnegan, which has the cool nickname Finn. I do like the “n” ending with Head, and as a nice offset to the “ee” ending of Cassidy. You could also go with names like Declan, Kieran or Brennan, which all sound wonderful with your last name and Cassidy (I particularly like the way Declan matches up with Cassidy sound wise, without mirroring the name too closely).

You could consider some of the “son” names as well: Emerson, Anderson, or Grayson, for example. (I’d skip the uberpopular Mason, which is likely to be even more popular than Cameron is!) I’m a big fan of Emerson as a brother for Cassidy. And of course, there are all the “er/or” names, which are definitely on the rise—names like Sawyer, Jasper and Archer.

Readers: Share your ideas for Cassidy’s little brother! What should they call him?

If you’re still looking for the perfect name for your son or daughter, check out our Baby Name Finder, or email me at And don’t forget to like In Name Only to keep up with the latest in baby names!

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Cool Name of the Week: Cameron

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

As I watched the Emmys, I was thrilled to see that one of my favorite actors, Eric Stonestreet, won big for his role as the kind-hearted Cameron Tucker on Modern Family. The entire show is all-out funny, which is why pretty much everyone from the cast was nominated, and why they won the Emmy for Best Comedy, I’m sure. But it seems like, whenever Cam and his partner Mitch are on the screen, I start looking around for the secret camera in my house—because I feel like they’re just re-enacting something that happened within the past week, only written much funnier. And with a gay couple. (Their riff on Cam making a mess in the kitchen last season was an argument that we’ve had many, many times in our house—and I’ve borrowed Cam’s “This is a crime scene because you killed joy” line.)

And Cameron is a pretty great name for a boy, too. (Disregard the fact that Cameron Diaz sports it, too!) Cameron’s a Scottish surname as a name, that’s scoring pretty highly with parents lately—it’s number 53 in the U.S. for boys, and number 442 for girls. It’s a name that’s probably even more popular than it appears from the numbers, since there are so many alternative spellings—such as Camryn and Kameron—that increase the numbers of Cams or Kammies out there.

The name first came to notice in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, with Ferris’s hypochondriac best friend—and now it’s starring in Modern Family, too.

As a longer first name, Cameron needs a nice, short middle name—we’re talking names like Beck, Flynn and Gray—or another one-syllable favorite. Maybe something with Southern flair for Missouri-born Modern Family Cam, like Blake.

What do you think of the baby name Cameron? Is it a name that’s popular where you live?

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