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Celebrity Baby Names: Megan Hilty’s Daughter

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Megan Hilty’s new daughter has a Smash-ing name! The Broadway star, who was formerly on the show Smash, welcomed daughter Viola Philomena yesterday, with husband, musician Brian Gallagher.

Viola is a fitting name for the daughter of two musically inclined people—it’s a stringed musical instrument, and it’s also the name of one of Shakespeare’s most beloved heroines, from Twelfth Night. Viola hasn’t been in the top 1000 since the early 1970s, but it’s a lovely choice, especially if you’ve been looking for an alternative to the far more popular Violet.

Philomena hasn’t been in the top 1000 since the 1940s, but its profile recently was elevated, thanks to the Oscar-nominated film Philomena. It has a wonderful meaning—lover of strength—and can be shortened to the totally cute Mina. (Chew host—and Dr. Oz daughter—Daphne Oz picked it for her daughter earlier this year.)

It’s a really fantastic name—two very old-fashioned names that are poised for a comeback.

Tell us: Would Viola or Philomena be in consideration if you were having a daughter? If you’re still looking for the perfect baby name for your daughter (or son), send your dilemma to me at (Or take your hunt into your own hands with our Baby Name Finder.) And don’t forget to like In Name Only to keep up with the very latest celebrity baby names.

Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name


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Baby Name Dilemma: A Name for a Twin

Monday, September 1st, 2014

It can be hard to find two names you love when you have twins on the way! That’s reader Stephanie’s dilemma:

My twins are due in October – a boy and a girl, and we have chosen Violet Kathryn for the girl’s name, but are at a loss of a boy’s name. We would like the middle name Joseph to honor a family member, but we haven’t fallen in love with any boy’s names! They will be joining big brothers Kieran Anthony and Grayson Alexander, and I want to find a boy name that pairs well with his bigger siblings as well as his sister. Any suggestions are welcome!

Finding the name for a third boy (who is also part of boy-girl twins) can be tricky. I like the idea of continuing your “ending in n” theme you have going on with the older boys, but I’d like to work that “v” in, to tie it in with his sister’s names.

I have a few favorites that could work in that area: My top choice is Gavin, a top 50 name that has a lovely meaning—white hawk—and was a knight of the Round Table. It’s similar in popularity to the other names you’ve used, and shares the two-syllable structure of your other boys’ names. If Gavin isn’t working for you, try Vaughn, a Welsh name that means “little,” and is currently just inside the top 1000 baby names. (If you’d rather make it more modern and sleek, try Von, a Norse name that means hope.)

The danger, of course, is choosing a name that’s too similar to Kieran or Grayson. I like Declan or Deacon, which add that hard “k” sound in the middle, to help this name stand out from the others in the sibling set. Or go in the other direction, with softer names that don’t have the hard Ks or Gs—names like Owen and Lennon. Other two-syllable names that aren’t quite as well known as the Aiden/Brayden/Jayden crew—and I think have a touch of cool—would be Alden, Edwin, Winston and Tristan.

You could also go with a name that ends in “T,” to link your son with his sister. I like August, Barrett, Dermot, Everett, Prescott, and Rupert. (Rupert’s my absolute favorite of these, but I love Violet and Everett as a sibling set!)

Okay, readers, your turn! What should Stephanie name baby boy #3? Share your thoughts in the comments. And if you have a great baby name dilemma, send it my way at, and you could see it answered here. Do your own baby name spelunking with our Baby Name Finder, and keep up with the very latest in baby names by liking In Name Only on Facebook.

Baby Names: How To Name Twins and Multiples
Baby Names: How To Name Twins and Multiples
Baby Names: How To Name Twins and Multiples


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Cool Name of the Week: Saint

Monday, August 25th, 2014

When two celebs pick the same baby name within a few weeks of each other, we need to pay attention. Two years ago, it was Camden that was the big hit, picked by both Nick Lachey and Kristin Cavallari. This year, it’s Saint, picked by two different rock stars: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Grohl, and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.

Saint could be a unisex name, but on the Social Security lists, it only showed up for boys—and only 22 boys bore the name last year. It has that virtuous vibe, like names like Hope and Faith, but feels much fresher. And compared to some of the more wild word names that stars have picked for their kids in recent years, like Rainbow, Apple, and the like, this one feels more wearable to me. (Perhaps it’s because musician St. Vincent, who performed with Grohl and Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show, also goes by the name.) But a word of warning: Your devoutly religious grandmother may not approve of taking this title, given to those officially recognized as holy, and giving it to your brand new baby.

While Pete Wentz put it in the front spot, giving his son the moniker Saint Lazslo, I’d prefer it in the middle spot, where Dave Grohl placed it for his new daughter, Ophelia Saint. For girls, I like this crisp middle with a very feminine first name, like Emily, Cordelia or Rosalind. For boys, try names like Dexter and Harrison. For both sexes, I’d avoid putting it in the first spot with the name of a very popular saint in the middle: Saint Joseph, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Anne, Saint Luke.

Tell us: Do you think Saint is a wearable choice, or is it a little too irreverent for your taste?

If you’re still hunting for the perfect baby name, check out our Baby Name Finder, and don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby names.

Christian Baby Names
Christian Baby Names
Christian Baby Names

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Celebrity Baby Names: Christina Aguilera’s New Daughter!

Monday, August 18th, 2014

It’s a girl for pop diva Christina Aguilera and her fiancé Matt Rutler! And they picked a phrase for her name—Summer Rain. She joins big brother Max Liron. Summer is currently a top 200 baby name (at 188), and among the most popular season names (Autumn is the other red-hot one, at #65).

Rain hasn’t hit the top 1000 yet, and it makes a nice nature-themed middle name.

It seems along the lines of some of the latest celebrity baby names, like Holly Madison’s Rainbow Aurora or Kim Kardashian’s North West.

Tell us: What do you think of Christina’s baby name choice?

If you’re still looking for the perfect baby name, check out our Baby Name Finder, or send your dilemma to me at

And don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby names.

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Celebrity Baby Names: Maya Rudolph’s Daughter

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Well played, Maya Rudolph! It took nearly a year for us to find name what the comedian and her husband, director Paul Thomas Anderson, chose for fourth child—or even the fact that she’s a girl! So what name did Maya and Paul pick for baby number four? Joining big siblings Pearl, Lucille and Jack is baby Minnie Ida. (Love their vintage name picks!)

Minnie is generally thought of as a nickname for Minerva, the Roman version of the goddess of wisdom—and the name means wise. Minerva’s current claim to fame is Professor Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter’s protector at Hogwarts. And Minnie? Well, it’s most commonly associated with the beau of Mickey Mouse. Minnie is one of those vintage names, like Hattie, Sadie and Millie, that’s making a bit of a comeback.

Ida’s a name that I’m always shocked hasn’t taken off, especially in an era when Eve, Ava and Adeline are red hot. It’s an old-school name that means industrious one, and hasn’t been in the top 1000 here in the U.S. since the 1980s.

What do you think of the name Minnie Ida? Would either of those be on your short list?

Note: Thanks to the (many, many, many) readers who noted that Minnie was a family name choice, after Maya’s mother, singer Minnie Riperton—who passed away in 1979. (You may know her biggest hit, “Lovin’ You.”)

Test your knowledge of star name picks with our Celebrity Baby Name Quiz, or pick your own A-list worthy name with our Baby Fame Name Generator. And don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the latest celebrity baby name scoop.

Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name

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