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Baby Name Dilemma: Something “Green”

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

I always love when there’s a story behind a chosen name—and reader Kara’s looking for another name that has personal meaning. Here’s her dilemma:

We are currently expecting our 4th child. My maiden name is Green and married name is Stone and since I am an only child I wanted my maiden name to live on. So I chose the names Jade and Teal…Our 8-year-old daughter is Jade Marie, 5-year-old son is Anthony James (Jr), & our 2-year-old is Alexis Teal. If it is a girl we have it covered but if it is a boy we are totally lost! Any suggestions?

Finding a name with meaning can be tough. Since big brother is a junior, if it’s a boy, you might want to consider looking for something in the family tree (or perhaps a variant on your name!) for your son. Carey means “dark,” and could be in homage to your name, Kara. Jamison could be an intriguing way to bring your husband’s middle name into your son’s name. Look at the grandfathers, and see if there’s something that might work.

And of course, you can work with the Green theme you started with your daughters. Jasper is a precious stone that’s often in green, and it’s an up-and-coming name for boys (currently just inside the top 250). Consider it a nice way to combine your maiden name with your married surname! I also like Olivier, which means “olive tree.” It’s the French variant of popular Oliver—and actually, either would pair nicely with Stone. Laramie isn’t just the name of a city in Wyoming—it also means “canopy of leafy boughs.” And it might be worth considering for your son, too. One last thought: Forrest. It’s not just for the titular character of Forrest Gump—consider Oscar-winning actor Forrest Whitaker!

Tell me: What other meaningful suggestions would you give Kara? And did you choose a name with meaning for your baby? 

You can search for the perfect name with our Baby Name Finder, or send your dilemma to for some personal suggestions. And don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby names!

Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name

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Baby Name Dilemma: A Great Name for Baby #3!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Reader Lindsay is having a tricky time finding a name for her third baby.

I am in need of some assistance naming our baby boy (making his debut in January). I have a set of 3 year old twins named Noah and Elyana. Our last name is Williams and my husband loves the name Liam for this next one, however Liam is short for William…so are we naming our baby William Williams ? I want something more unique…I love Everett :) I am Jewish and he is Christian…would be nice to do something that reflects our backgrounds too? 

Liam is indeed a variant/nickname of William. It’s not exactly like naming him William Williams, but it’s close enough that I would probably think twice about using it, too. I like the name Everett, which would sound lovely in a sibset with Noah and Elyana. It’s a little sharper with that final “T” sound, but still flows beautifully—and it’s not too close to Noah and Elyana to make it tricky for you or your kids, like an Aiden/Jayden sibset.

I think Everett would make a lovely choice if that’s what you like. Keep in mind, though, that it’s currently on a sharp spike in popularity. It probably won’t be a problem for your son, but if the run continues, there’ll be an Everett in every class within a few years.

But Everett doesn’t reflect your Jewish background, as Noah and Elyana both do. Here are a few suggestions to consider beyond your pick:

Emmett is a Hebrew name that means “truth.” It’s also on a bit of a hot streak right now, currently in the top 200 names in the U.S. It’s similar to your favorite Everett, and also fits nicely with his siblings’ names.

Adam is similar to Liam, without the repetition—it’ll sound lovely with Williams. It’s still in the top 200, but on a very slow decline. It means son of the earth.

If you like short nickname names like Liam, perhaps Bram, a variant of Abraham, could suit the bill. It’s best known as the name of Dracula author Bram Stoker.

Some other cool names to consider: Owen, Elijah (though perhaps too close for comfort to Elyana), Levi, or Leo.

What do you guys think? Any other names you think might fit the bill for Lindsay?

Need some help finding a great baby name? Try our Baby Name Finder to get some great suggestions—or if you’re at a loss, email me at, and I’ll be happy to try to help you find a name. (And don’t forget to keep up with the latest in baby names by liking In Name Only on Facebook!)

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Baby Name Dilemma: Looking for a Name for Boy #2

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Reader Yvonne choose a stellar baby name for her first son—and is looking for something just as fabulous for her second. Here’s her dilemma:

My husband and I are expecting our 2nd baby boy this July. We hit the nail on the head with our first born who was named Cameron Lucas Fein (pronounced ‘fine’). But now we are hitting a brick wall trying to come up with a name for Cameron’s little brother that is just as classic and strong.

The biggest problem is that our family is inundated with boys, so many names are already taken. My father’s name is Kenneth (which is already taken by another boy in the family) and my husband’s father’s name is Eugene (which we don’t really love)…his grandfather’s name is Irving (not loving) and my grandfather’s names are Chinese.

We’ve been toying around with Wyatt, Darren, Jacob, Austin and Dylan, but haven’t really fallen in love with any one combination.

Yvonne, you picked two of my favorite boys’ names for your first son (I even picked Cameron as my cool name of the week last year!), so I can see why it’s a hard act to follow.

With your short-and-sweet surname, you need a longer name, like Cameron. You also seem to favor the “n” sound at the end, which is mirrored nicely in your last name. Donovan is a cool surname name that hasn’t quite taken off as much as Cameron has—it’s just under the top 250, and it means “dark.” Or consider Hudson, which means “Hugh’s son,” and is just under the top 100 names in the country (though it’s certainly poised to head higher). Or consider my favorite “-on” name, Dixon, which I picked as a cool name of the week earlier this year, and is connected with the name Richard.

Since you went with a surname name for your older son, choosing one for your younger son makes sense. I love Sawyer, Everett and Parker, all of which will fit well with Cameron as a sibling set. If you’re looking for a more traditional name, Theodore would flow nicely with Fein, and comes with some cool nicknames—I love the sound of Theo Fein!

To honor your favorite relatives, consider putting something in the middle slot, where even an old-fashioned name like Eugene might work. But you don’t have to stick with Kenneth or Eugene (or even one of the Chinese names, which could be lovely as a middle name). You could consider using a hipper variation of the name. Eugene is Evzen in Czech, a much more stylish choice than its English spelling; Kent is a cooler variation on Kenneth, and has the association with Superman’s alter ego (and who’s cooler than a super hero?).

My suggestions for you: Dixon Kent Fein, Everett Evzen Fein, or Hudson Kenneth Fein.

What suggestions do you have for Yvonne? Do you like any of the names I’ve suggested?

Don’t forget to send me your baby-naming dilemma at And like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the latest news in baby names.

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