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Celebrity Baby Names: Jimmy Fallon’s New Daughter!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

It’s another girl for Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen! Joining big sister Winnie Rose is Frances Cole, who was born via surrogate on December 3rd.

Frances is experiencing a bit of a renaissance after more than 50 years on the decline. (You can probably thank Pope Francis for the newfound interest!) The name means either free man or from France, depending on the source. If you liked Drew Barrymore’s decision to go with Frankie for her daughter, you can use the same nickname with this name. (And given that Nancy is a partner in Drew Barrymore’s production company and Drew’s the gal who set them up, I wouldn’t be surprised if she helped inspire the name choice!)

Cole is generally used as a boy’s name, and means “coal black.” It’s currently near the top 100 boys’ names, and is most commonly associated with songwriter Cole Porter. (Not a bad association for a baby!) I’m wondering if the name has some sort of family history to it.

In all, the name hits the same vein as big sister Winnie’s—and I kind of love the Winnie/Frances sibset.

Tell us: What do you think of Jimmy and Nancy’s name choices? Would you consider Frances for your daughter—and is Cole ready to make the jump from boys’ name to girls’?

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Image: Nancy and Jimmy Fallon, by  DFree/

French Baby Names
French Baby Names
French Baby Names

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Baby Name Dilemma: A Girls’ Name to Suit the Sib Set

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Reader Christie already has two girls and a boy—and is looking for the perfect name for her third daughter.

I am pregnant with my 4th child. This will be our 3rd girl, and we are having trouble finding a name we love. My other children are Austin, Sophia and Marlie (twins).

We don’t really want a popular name. And we have a tough last name to match with: Graham.

Some names we like, but not sure if we love are: Annalee, Cora, Coralee, Charlee (pronounced like Charlie). Also we are trying to stay away from M names, because we have a Marlie, and I have a stepdaughter Maddie.

We are considering Joy for a middle name, but it’s not set in stone.

I think Joy is a lovely middle name, and there are plenty of names that would sound great with your pick. Of the ones you’re considering, Cora would be my choice. (I’d nix Charlee, since it’s too close to Marlie, and you’ll end up calling them both the same name!) I like that hard C, which mirrors your name and the “a” ending like big sister Sophia. I think names with an “ine” or “yn” ending would also work beautifully. I’d consider Coraline, Clementine, Adeline, Evelyn, and Caroline.

Some other names with “C” that you could consider: Clara, Cordelia, Celeste, and Charity.

If you want to move away from the Cs, consider some other names that feature the softer sounds like your other children’s names. Some of my picks that’ll flow nicely with her big sisters and brother: Eliza, Eleanor, Juliet, Adelaide, and Annabel.

Of my suggestions, I’d go with Clementine Joy or Eliza Joy.

Now it’s your turn, readers: What names should Christie consider? What goes best with Austin, Sophia, Marlie, and Maddie?

If you’re still looking for the perfect baby name, send your dilemma to me at, or check out our Baby Name Finder. And don’t forget to like In Name Only to keep up with the very latest in baby names.

Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?
Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?
Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?


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Thanksgiving-Worthy Baby Names

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Thanksgiving often seems to get lost between Halloween and Christmas—especially when the stores seem to start putting up their Christmas displays before you’re done with your back-to-school shopping. And it’s a shame, as it’s a pretty great holiday: When else are you encouraged to think of all the things in your life that you should be grateful for—and enjoy a fabulous meal with friends and family? If you’re looking for a baby name that suits the meaning of this particular season—gratitude, friendship and kindness—here are some options for you.

Alden This charming boys’ name makes a nice alternative to Aiden. It means friends.

Amity This sweet virtue name is virtually unheard of, but has a lovely meaning—friendship.

Charity This charming old-school virtue name just cracked the top 1000, and seems particularly perfect for the season.

Concord Considered a boys’ virtue name, Concord is a word that means peace and harmony.

Connelly This Irish boys’ name means love and friendship—and would make a lovely girls’ name, too.

Edwin This old-school variant on Edward means wealthy friend—and makes a winning way to pay homage to an Edward in your family tree.

Dakota is a Sioux name meaning “friendly one,” and has been popular for both boys and girls since the 1980s.

Mercy Another old-school virtue name, Mercy means compassion, and has become one of the more popular virtue names for girls.

Rowena This lovely Welsh name has become more noticed since J.K. Rowling used it in Harry Potter for the name of one of Hogwarts’ founders. It means famous friend.

Shakir This Arabic name means thankfulness. Shaquille O’Neal gave the variant spelling Shaqir to his son.

Zendaya An African name that literally means “to give thanks.” Its most famous bearer is Zendaya Coleman, who starred on Disney Channel’s Shake it Up and took a spin on Dancing With the Stars that almost netted her the disco ball prize.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Christian Baby Names
Christian Baby Names
Christian Baby Names

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Totally Cool Baby Names (for Winter!)

Friday, November 21st, 2014

It may not be winter—yet—but it sure feels like it in most of the country. (And in my hometown, people are buried under six and seven feet of snow, so I bet they’re definitely feeling like they’re living in the movie Frozen. Here’s hoping they all shovel out very soon.)

So what names suit this frosty time of year? Check out these options:

Aspen Colorado’s swank ski area lends a little wintry cool to this name.

Eira Pronounced Ay-ra, this lovely Welsh name means “snow.”

Elsa This Frozen name will prove to be uberpopular, thanks to the movie. (Though Elsa itself is a variation on Elizabeth, and shares its meaning, “pledged to God.”) It’s currently just outside the top 500 names, but I’m betting that next year’s numbers will place it inside the top 300.

Fjord This utterly Scandinavian name is the used for little narrow sea inlets that are scattered through the Norway, worn between two cliffs.

Frost Looking for a good strong seasonal name? Frost could be just the ticket. (I’d recommend it in the middle spot, and don’t succumb to the temptation to pair it with the first name Jack.)

Holly This evergreen plant with its bright red berries is a common symbol of the season, and a very popular name a few decades ago.

January Actress January Jones helped put the first month of the year on the baby name radar. Consider it if you’re having one of the first babies of 2015.

Lucia A popular Scandinavian saint bears this name, which is the Latin word for “light.”

Nevada The state may be on the hot side temperature wise, but the name actually means “covered in snow.” This name could work for boys or girls.

Neve This short and sweet name means snow, and is most famously associated with Scream actress Neve Campbell.

Nicholas This generous fourth century saint was well known for his gift-giving. He helped inspire the jolly and magical Santa Claus, making his name a worthy one for a December boy.

Noel The French word for Christmas begat this sweet name—try Noelle for a girl.

Yuki This short and sweet Japanese name means “snow.” Try Yukio as a boys’ name with the same meaning.

Tell us: Have you chosen a baby name that suits the season? What do you think of this set?

Still looking for a baby nam? Don’t forget to try our Baby Name Finder or send your dilemma to me at And don’t forget to like In Name Only on FB to keep up with the very latest in baby names.

Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name
Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name

Image: Baby in winter by My Good Images/

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Baby Name Dilemma: Help Us Find a Baby Name We LOVE!

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Reader Michelle clearly has some wonderful baby name taste—I really adore the names she picked for her first two kids. But she hasn’t fallen in love with a name for her third child (they’re planning to be surprised as to whether it’s a boy or girl). Let’s help her out! Here’s her dilemma:

We are having a gender surprise sibling for Olivia (4) and Roman (2) early next year. We have read 900 baby name books and I think just the crazy lists numb our brains because there’s nothing we love.

-We don’t want a really common or traditional American name (although Olivia is very common, but I’ve loved it since before it was high on the list so we went with it anyway) like John or Jennifer. However, we do like older American names pre-1940′s era.

-We also like a lot of Irish and Scottish names, and also some of the cool European regal sounding names.

-We don’t want something that can’t be easily spelled or pronounced (i.e. the problem with “Isla” below).

-We like cool nicknames, too. Olivia actually nicknamed herself “Oli” pronounced like “Oh-lee”, and we call Roman “Ro.”

We LIKE but don’t know if we love the following, but any other ideas/opinions?

Isla (I’m being told the general public will never pronounce or spell this correctly, but it’s our favorite), Harper (dang it Beckham family!), Lucia (Loo-see-uh, aka Lucy)

Wyatt (sort of), Finn… uhh we’re really bad with narrowing down boy names…

I love all of your baby name picks! I think Isla is becoming more well known here in the U.S., with actress Isla Fisher and with it becoming so popular in the U.S., so your concerns about spelling and pronunciation issues may be a moot point. (Of course, you could always move to the U.K., where it’s so red hot that your Isla will likely not be the only one in her class.) Personally, I love Isla and Finn best out of your picks, but any of those names would be sweet and go well with your other kids’ names. If you’re still looking for suggestions that suit your baby name taste, here are my thoughts:


It’s so hard to narrow it down! I love Clara, Violet, Lillian (which comes with the cool and in vogue nickname Lily), Adeline (which would be my third daughter’s name, if there was a third daughter to name!), Eleanor, Rosalind, Clementine, Fiona, Alice, Harriet, and Louisa. Just to name a few!


Boys’ names always seem to be a bit trickier for parents. Here are a few I think would work beautifully with the sibset, and have some flair and personality: Arthur, Alistair, Edwin (nicknamed Win!), Killian, Flynn (like Finn, but with a little more flair—think swashbuckling early silver screen star Errol Flynn), Ewan, Evander, Lachlan and Duncan.

Okay readers: What’s your favorite? And what other suggestions do you have for Michelle? (I know there are plenty of other favorites out there to recommend!)

If you’re still looking for the perfect baby name, you’ve come to the right place. Our Baby Name Finder can help you hunt, or send your dilemma to me at to get some personalized suggestions. And don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby names.

Irish Baby Names
Irish Baby Names
Irish Baby Names

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