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My name is Lisa Milbrand, and I’m a name nerd. And that’s probably why my husband and I battled mightily over the names of our daughters (Katharine and Margaret), and the boys’ names we never got to use (Luke and Xander, we hardly knew ye). If you haven’t settled on the perfect name for your babe, you’ve come to the right place. 

On In Name Only, I give you everything you need to know to pick the perfect baby name for your own precious kiddos, from the inside scoop on celebrity picks to my own off-the-beaten-path suggestions. And I’m always happy to help my readers with their big baby naming dilemmas—and hopefully find the perfect name before delivery day!

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Before I became Parents.com’s resident name nerd, I wrote and edited for a whole slew of magazines, including Modern Bride, Adoptive Families, and Parenting. You can also see some of my writing on adoption and other parenting topics on the Parents Perspective blog.

I live in New Jersey with my husband, two daughters, three cats and one dog. I love to cook and throw parties, and I (very) occasionally blog about my adventures at Suburban Omnivore