Royal Baby Name: Has It Been Revealed?

There are a lot of loose lips in the royal inner circle. After the Duchess of Cambridge (AKA the former Kate Middleton) accidentally let slip a “d” that led many to believe that the royal family will be adding a new princess, now there are rumblings that someone has leaked the baby name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen for the future ruler of England: Elizabeth Diana Carole.

Not a bad choice—in fact, I speculated back when the royal couple announced their pregnancy that both Elizabeth and Diana would be among the names given to a future queen.

Elizabeth is obviously in homage to the current and past grand dames of England—and a nice way to pay tribute to William’s grandmother. Diana honors William’s mother, while Carole is Kate’s mother’s name.

I had picked Eleanor Diana Victoria Elizabeth—do I get points for being half right?

What do you think? Is this leak the real deal? And is it what you expected?

Image: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Featureflash /

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  1. by Jacqueline

    On March 14, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Is PARENT magazine totally out of the loop? Because several sites have already circulated a video proving that the Duchess did not slip at all let alone with a “..d…” I, for one, do not give very much credit to rumors.

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