Newsflash: Simple Spellings Help in Life

Score one for the traditional spellers! A new study found that easily pronounced names make you more likely to find a job, attain a promotion and get elected to office.

This is interesting, because it’s not about common names or the length of the name — it just speaks to how easy the name is for people to recognize and pronounce. In other words… Apple Paltrow, you’re doing ok!

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  1. by Angie

    On February 14, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    I’ve always been a proponent for traditional spellings. But there are some grey areas.

    For example, I really love the name Louis. There are very few underused classic boy names out there.

    But I had always assumed the pronunciation was Lew-is, with the nickname Louie, pronounced Lew-ee. I always knew Louis was pronounced Lew-ee in French, but I thought only in French.

    Then I learned some English speakers pronounced Louis Lew-ee, and I began to wonder if Lew-is (for Louis) was a bastardization and would seem uneducated.

    I don’t like the look of Lewis, especially with my Italian last name, and I am not sure I could embrace putting Louie on a birth certificate, even though I know it is popular in England.

    I’ve only known one Louis and he went by Lou. I was never sure how he pronounced his full name.

    This confusion with Louis caused me to shelf it as a name for my son, and I wonder if I may have over thought the issue.