Robert Downey, Jr. and Wife Susan Name Son Exton

When Robert Downey, Jr. and his wife Susan named their new baby boy Exton Elias, I have to admit it led to some serious head scratching among us name analyzers. The Elias part was easy. The birth name of the actor’s father, Robert Downey, Sr., was Robert Elias, which he changed to Downey after his stepfather.

But Exton? It either has some hidden connection to a picturesque little village in the English district of Hampshire, or it’s related to a town in Chester County, Pennsylvania, known primarily for its extensive shopping mall. Or perhaps the couple is following the current trend for names that have the “X factor”: the names of all three Jolie-Pitt boys (Maddox, Pax, Knox) end in X; Max now stands for Maxwell, Maximus, and Maximilian; and X-centered favorites, such as Axel, Dexter, Felix, Hendrix, Huxley, Lennox, and Paxton, are increasingly popular.

The name of Downey’s older son, Indio, is linked to his baby brother’s by virtue of their both being place names. Indio (the Spanish word for Indian) is a Riverside County, California, city near the desert resort of Palm Springs, home to a number of celebrities and the location for several films.

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  1. by Angel Crites

    On February 25, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    It honestly shouldn’t matter to us what Robert and Susan name their children. We should be happy for them both no matter what the name is:) I for one love the Name Exton Elias, I love uncommon names and I think that after all thats happened in Roberts past he deserves to be happy:)