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Congrats to Jill Cordes on the birth of her new son, Emmett Redmond Johnston! A few weeks ago I helped my fellow blogger with some name suggestions. (Don’t worry, no hard feelings on not picking the names I came up with… we were thinking “L” names at the time, anyways.)

Here’s what Jill has to say about the name:

“Redmond was Phil’s beloved Grandfather’s name. Emmett we thought described his already elfish-mischevious seeming personality. He even has one ear that is pointy…like a leprechaun. Lots of nickname opportunities: from Mr. E, to Emm, to Red and beyond.

Emmett also means hard working and strong, so I’m hoping he’ll help me vacuum by the time he’s 6 months.”

I think it’s a great name. Emmett sounds nice with Fia (older sister), and flows well into the middle and last name. Emmett is swiftly rising in popularity — it entered the top 1,000 in ’99, and now ranks 273 — but I’m not too worried. If anything, it just means people will be more likely to know how to spell the name.

I love the meaning of Redmond: red-haired defender. If he’s anything like his big sister, Emmett will have red hair, making this a perfect choice. And of course, you can never go wrong with a family name.

All in all, well done, Jill. Congrats again!

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  1. by Jill Cordes

    On February 4, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    Thanks so much Paula for all the suggestions and the help. If anything, your blog helped us to dig deeper to make sure we came up with the perfect name. I was so set on the “L” names…but in the end, while in the hospital, we got online and went through a website where we could look at every nationality that we were interested in, ie: Scottish, Welsh, English, Irish, even Japanese, Italian, French and German. That’s where we came across Emmett. But then my husband and I couldn’t agree on how to spell McNeill. MacNeil (thus the nickname Mac, though now we decided he wasn’t a Mac), MacNeill, McNeill, McNeil.

    I finally threw Redmond back out there, as Phil was super close to his grandfather. His hesitation was that a few other family members have that as a middle name. But in further digging, it’s fringe family members so I urged him to reconsider. I said “we’re already going to be spelling Emmett to everyone. Let’s at least have a middle name that only has one version”. Plus, I think it sounds cooler anyway. So that’s how we ultimately came up with it.

    Thanks again for all the help! I think naming is one of the hardest things with a newborn!
    Best, Jill C.