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Preschool at Home: More Geography Activities

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Yesterday, I shared a lot of activities that you can do with maps.  Today I want to share some other geography activities that my kids loved.

After reading through Me on the Map (which is just perfect for the 4-6 year old crowd), I had ED do an activity that focuses in on where we live.  You have the kids color in and paste their location, pinpointing their location by going from the largest to the smallest location. For example… I printed out labels such as I live on Earth, I live in North America…

I cut out circles for

  • the Earth
  • North America
  • USA
  • Your state: Kansas
  • City: Topeka
  • Street: 77 Maple Street
She colored in the maps and glued them onto the circles with the labels at the bottom:
Then you put the entire collection together (largest at the bottom) with a brad at the top:
In the past we did variations of this activity using stacking boxes instead. This post from several years ago was Nesting Boxes from the Galaxy to the Atom — and has a similar idea…
Here’s a close-up
We also sang through the song about the 7 continents and ED put in pins on our world map:
Here are the kids singing the Seven Continent Song. Last spring someone wondered if we could share the tune–so we made our first you-tube video.  We had a number of bloopers and flubs (which made us roll on the floor laughing), but this version went fairly well! So… here are the kids in their very first you-tube video!


If you want to print out and make your own Montessori materials, here are the posts where you’ll find those free downloads…

You’ll find the free Montessori World Map here (We have moved to and instructions on how to make a Montessori pin map:

You might want to visit the post about the Animals Around the World. You can access free Montessori cards of animals from each continent at that post:

Don’t miss this post about using the free Montessori US landmark cards I made (Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, etc.) and how we used them. We have moved to

Dinosaur Packet for Ages 3-7

We’re so excited to announce that our 60+ Page Dinosaur Packet is finally here over at our new location! What does it include?
  • Dinosaur Lapbook
  • Montessori 3-Part Dinosaur Cards
  • Dinosaur Matching
  • Letter Activities
  • Number Recognition
  • Counting Activities
  • Easy (and challengin!) Addition Activities
  • Coloring
  • Bingo
  • Dinosaur Math Grid
  • Odd-Even Games
  • and much, much more!

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Animals Around the World (Free Montessori 3-Part Card Download)

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

As I mentioned on Friday, ED has been working on her world geography. She has spent a couple of weeks going over the 7 continents again and working with some Montessori 3-part cards I made for her.  They are probably available elsewhere, but I wanted both small cards to place on each continent and some larger ones so she could work on word-matching.

As she sang the 7-continents song (that I mentioned on Friday), she looked at the animal cards for each continent and placed them on the proper continent. Come see our 7 Continents Song you-tube video over at this post… the kids sang through the the song to help someone (overseas) learn the tune!

She did this with a large world map we have:

Another day, she identified and set out the satellite photos we have of the continents. The the large continent cards are available free at ETC Montessori (along with some other really nice Montessori materials).

Once she was pretty familiar with the animals on each continent, I brought out the Montessori 3-part cards.  I printed out two sets of each and cut out the animals and word labels. She had to match them to the picture.

At the end of the week, I challenged her to match the word to the picture (without the control card)!

We also brought out all our plastic animals and she spent a couple of days sorting those onto the world map as well:

She also did a sticker activity of the world animals. We got a set of 12 from Oriental Trading:

After I made this post, someone overseas asked me if I could teach them the 7-continents song.  The kids made a little video to show how

If you are interested, you can print out your own world animal cards.  They come both as large cards and as smaller versions of the same cards. I’ve been doing this activity with the kids since they were about 3 years old.

Here are the  free 3-Part Montessori Cards — Animals of the 7 Continents:

After I made this post, someone overseas asked me if I could teach them the 7-continents song.  The kids made a little video to show how we used these cards.  Here’s the post – Kids Sing the 7 Continents Song. Or click on the picture which will take you to the post where the video is located:

If you found these useful, I would love to hear from you either here or over at my Homeschool Den Facebook Page! That’s also a great place to go catch up on some of the posts you might have missed lately. I keep a running list of all our posts there.


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Geography of Africa–The Countries and Physical Features

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Once again, we brought out our pin maps as we learned about the countries of West Africa. We used the flags of Africa from Montessori Materials  to create country pins for our pin map (African Flags-page 1;  African Flags-page 2).

You can download and print out the map from the African Learning Pack I made back in September. I used a plain cork board underneath the map.

As we were talking about the trade between North Africa and West Africa, we talked about how huge a barrier the Sahara Desert would have been.  We brought out the map that showed the countries that could all fit inside the boundaries of Africa (that’s on page 4 of the African Learning Pack):

We’ve been learning about the history of West Africa — the empires of Ghana and Mali. Since the physical features of Africa are so critical to understanding of the history, we spent a day making physical maps. The kids (even ED) did these maps free-hand, I just guided them through. (We made a C for the north-west area, then a horizontal line across the top, a slight diagonal before drawing the horn of Africa, etc. etc.)  

As they worked on their maps, I read a bit more about the Mali, Sundiata and Mansa Musa. More about that in the post tomorrow or the next day about West African history.  I’ll share our West Africa notebook pages with you tomorrow as well.

Meanwhile, if you want to see some of the other posts in our studies of Africa —  click here for our Africa Unit.  Scrolling through those posts you’ll see some of the other things we’ve done — African masks, the study of Islam and its history, the food of North Africa, a study of Ancient Egypt (including worksheets about the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, our Egyptian death masks, etc.).

You can also see what we’ve been up to by visiting my Homeschool Den Facebook Page. I give a quick synopsis of each post. It’s a quick easy way to keep up with and browse through our latest activities.  Hope to see you there!

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Preschool Geography

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

NAME THAT CONTINENT: One morning in collection (our group time) I brought out a beach ball globe. We took turns tossing the ball around the circle. Each time someone caught the ball they had to look at where their thumb had landed and had to name that continent. The kids quickly became silly, but we did manage to get a few rounds in for each of them.

Another preschool geography activity we did recently was a “Where I Live” craft.  Jenn over at Finally in First did this a year or so ago and I think they did this at Counting Coconuts as well. I wanted to be sure to do this with ED for our geography unit this semester.

I love the fact that these reinforce the size from your planet on down to your street. We don’t live in Nevada, but I wanted a picture to be able to share with you!

We included our

  • planet
  • continent
  • country
  • state
  • city
  • street

We put these together with a couple of brads. It now resides on our (obviously cluttered) dining room table and every now and then we read it together with ED.

Last year (Dec. 2010) we did a similar activity with nesting boxes. You can see that post here.

If you are interested in some of our other recent geography activities, I did a long post about them about ten days ago.  You can view that post here.

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