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Nature Scavenger Hunt

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Week Three of our Think Challenges

(Creative Thinking Activities)

Challenge your kids to think outside the box!

We’ve been having such lovely weather that it was time to send the kids outdoors for our next Think Challenge. I made a very open ended Nature Scavenger Hunt and sent the kids on their way!

You can download a copy of our Nature Scavenger Hunt here.

The kids had a great time with it!

LD found “something white” (the fungus in the picture below)

DD found “something hairy” (below)

 We all found lots of things that were alive: (salamander, slug, earthworm, ants, crayfish and termites)

After a while our Nature Scavenger Hunt was at an end and we just enjoyed being outdoors!

If you missed the previous Think Challenges we’ve done be sure to visit this post.

Join us next Friday for our next Think Challenge!


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