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Telling Time: Games, Worksheets and More

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

UPDATE: This post and its links is now located at our new location – Telling Time

When I shared the free skip-counting pages a little while back, I mentioned that ED has been working a lot on clocks.  I thought I’d share some of the clock-type activities we use in our homeschool.

I made ED a packet of time sheets from the Teacher’s Corner:  Time Worksheet Generator.  You can create worksheets that suit your child’s needs. You can create worksheets to the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, or by  ten-minute, five minute or  minute intervals. They also let you choose the styleof the clock face. I’ve pasted in a few examples below:


 I also brought out this really cute clock that I found online a couple of years ago. The idea and printable came from Suddenly 2nd Grade. It’s called the Race to Tell Time.

Mrs. Nielson has the bottom sheet available to print out too, but when we made it I felt it’d be better for the kids to write the numbers.

 Here’s a close-up:

A while back I also shared a great online game that I let the kids play now and then called Stop the Clock.

Here’s a picture of Stop the Clock — Level 1 – learning time to the half hour and hour:

Here are direct links to the other levels:

Stop the Clock — Level 2 — fifteen minute intervals

Stop the Clock — Level 3 — five minute intervals

Stop the Clock — Level 4 – to the minute

Stop the Clock — Level 5 — military time (such as 18:19)

If you have younger kids just starting to tell time, you might be interested in the Kitty Clocks I made for ED a year or so ago.

If you’re interested in these two pages, you’ll need to click on both links below (We have moved to

Kitty Clock Analog Clock

Kitty Clock Digital

She is using them both for matching and to play a board game.

This is the board we use with ED’s clock cards (we use Fast Track for most anything when it comes to math!!). When ED flips over a 3 o’clock card, she figures out the time and moves that many spaces. She continues (drawing another card if she needs to) until she can’t move any more.

Here’s a close-up of the board if you want to make your own. The idea came from Peggy Kaye’s Games for Math. It’s a wonderful resource for making your math time more fun!

I made a gameboard similar to the one above that you can download for free over at this post: Free Ultimate Math Game Board



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Math: Telling Time Games; Working with Measurements

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

My kids and I have been playing a lot of “Time Bingo” lately. It has kids recognize the time at five minute intervals.  I love the fact that all the clock faces on the bingo cards are different.  We got this as a Christmas give from Grams and Gramps, but I see on Amazon that it’s pretty reasonable in price (currently $4.00).

Just to make sure the kids knew what time they were looking for I had them first show the correct time on our learning clock.  Here’s another  picture of the game in action:

One online game my kids have really enjoyed is Stop the Clock! You have to drag the digital time to the correct slot above the five clocks.

Here’s a picture of Stop the Clock — Level 1 – learning time to the half hour and hour

Stop the Clock — Level 2 — fifteen minute intervals

Stop the Clock — Level 3 — five minute intervals

Stop the Clock — Level 4 – to the minute

Stop the Clock — Level 5 — military time (such as 18:19)




Measurement Conversions – Inches, Feet, Yards

LD has been working on converting from inches to yards or yards to feet, etc. He needs a bit more practice and so I made up another math sheet and I’ll share that here for anyone who might be interested:

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