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Free Grammar Worksheets: Homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently)

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The kids are doing some work on homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently) right now.  I made up a worksheet set for them and will share them below for anyone else who might be interested:

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Download the free grammar worksheets on homophones here.

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Grammar Worksheets: Comma Rules

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

After a couple weeks working on spelling, we’re now back to working on grammar for a week or two. We use the Write Source Skills Books as our spine. (They’re about $7.95 each.) This week LD needed a bit of review on all the rules for commas and I made up a number of review sheets for him.

After printing out the pages, you need to cut the rules and sentences into strips and mix them up. Then have your child match the sentence with the appropriate rule and add in the comma/s that is/are needed.

NOTE: We are moving to We are moving all of our printables there.

Comma Review – Set 1

In the second set I made, the sentences are fall-themed about the leaves changing color and that sort of thing.

Again print them out, cut into strips. Your child has to match the sentence to the comma rule and has to add in the comma/s where needed.

Comma Review – Fall Theme

You might also be interested in the post I did a few weeks ago. Those focused on apostrophes, quotation marks and underlining like in the picture below. In that post I also put in photos and links to lots of older worksheets (like capitalization, etc.) I’ve made. (We are moving our printables to


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Grammar Practice Sheets: Apostrophes, Quotation Marks and Underlining (and others)

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

We tend to switch back and forth between our spelling program and our grammar work.  This past week we worked on grammar and I made a few more sheets that paralleled the topics that were covered in our Write Source Skills Book (here’s a link to Grade 2 and Grade 4).  If you’re interested you can download the worksheets I made for the kids. They cover the use of apostrophes, quotation marks and underlining.

NOTE: We are moving to We are moving all of our printables there.

Here are some of the other free language arts related materials I’ve made for the kids (We’re moving to

11 Comma Rules and Practice (This latest practice sheet includes several rules not included in the sheets I posted below)

Grammar Worksheets: Synonyms and Antonyms:


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