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Ocean Unit Freebies

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

If you are planning a trip to the beach this summer, you might be interested in some of these freebies I made for the kids when we did our ocean unit.  I hope someone finds these helpful!

Below are some of the invertebrate cards  that I made when we were studying the ocean.

(NOTE: We are moving to and will be moving our printables there.)

Remember, crustaceans, arachnids and insects are all part of the arthropod group (look at this chart to see what I mean).  This is not a complete list of invertebrate groups, just some of the ones we studied last fall.

Ocean Animal Math Game for Preschoolers: (We have moved to

  • Print out and cut out all of the ocean animal cards. You probably need two copies.
  • Create a spinner out of the odd, even, less, more circle.
  • Print out and cut out the game board (ocean scene).
  • Take a wooden cube and put numbers on each side — for example the numbers 10 through 15. I usually have two dice and each player chooses one. One die has low numbers (1-6) and the other has higher numbers.

Another game you could play (ages 2-4):  Print out the ocean animals page, but don’t cut it up. Each player takes a turn rolling the die and covers up that number of ocean animals. The first person to cover all his/her animals wins the game.

See my post about this game and more information here: Ocean Animals Math Game for Preschoolers.

Ocean Animals and their Groups: This is similar to the Animals and their Groups sort cards I shared last week, but is just with ocean animals.

We did an activity about the ocean zones where we talked about which ocean creatures lived at the various ocean depths. Visit that post here: the Ocean Zones.

Here are some of the posts we did when we studied the ocean : (We are moving to

Ocean Unit Page 1

Ocean Unit Page 2

Ocean Unit Page 3

You might also be interested in some of the activities we did when we studied whales: Icebergs, Blubber Experiment, Buoyancy and More

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Have a great day! ~Liesl


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Animals and Their Groups Sorting Cards (ages 5-8)

Friday, May 16th, 2014

A couple of months ago, I did an animal unit with my youngest.  We went over the characteristics of living and non-living things. Then we talked about vertebrates and invertebrates and finally we went over the five vertebrate groups in quite some detail. I shared the free Montessori cards I made for that part of our unit: the Montessori Vertebrate-Invertebrate cards and the sheets I made on Animals and their Characteristics.

I had intended to then go over Animals and their Groups, but with all my ear surgery (4 since October and one more coming up in a few weeks), we never got to that part of our unit.  I thought I would share the cards I made with you even though we haven’t used them in our homeschool yet. I don’t want to forget about them!

Note: We are moving and our printables will be found at

Animals Sort Cards: Animals and Their Groups Sort  

I also made a matching sheet to go along with this.  You can also download these if you’re interested:

Animals and Their Groups — Matching

I’d love to hear from you if you over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page if found these helpful!

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Animals and Their Characteristics (Free Worksheet)

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Last week I shared the vertebrate and invertebrate sort cards that I made for my daughter.  I also wanted to go over the characteristics of the various vertebrate animal groups with her.

As she sorted the animal groups we talked about some of the characteristics of each group… fish and amphibians lay their eggs in water, reptiles and  birds lay their eggs on land and so forth.

We did this several times over the course of a number of days. Once she knew all the characteristics fairly well, I brought out a matching page. She had to match one of the characteristics (such as warm blooded) with all the animals that had that trait.

I also pulled out some sheets from a science book I bought for ED at the beginning of the school year.  She did several pages from that book that week as well. We love the fact that our pets always come to check out what we’re doing and hang out with us! :)

If you are interested, you can download this free by clicking on the link:

We have moved to You’ll find this printable at our new location. :) Liesl

Characteristics of Animals:

I also included an answer sheet.

You might also be interested in our 60 page Dinosaur Packet (for 3-6 year olds). This is located at my new location,

  • Montessori 3-Part Dinosaur Cards
  • Dinosaur Lapbook
  • Letter Recognition Activities
  • Number Activities and Games
  • Dinosaur Game Board
  • Fast Fact Information Cards
  • Dinosaur Writing Cards
  • Bingo Cards and more!


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You may also be interested in these related posts (We are moving to

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Free Montessori Cards: Vertebrates-Invertebrates; 5 Vertebrate Groups

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

It is animal week for my youngest daughter. We’ve been touching on vertebrates and invertebrates since the kids were little, but I wanted to go back and make sure ED really knew the characteristics of these groups and how animals are classified.

First, we went over the difference between Vertebrates and Invertebrates again. We brought out our model frog skeleton again for a closer look!

Then she went over the 5 Vertebrate Groups. She did this a number of times over the course of a couple of weeks.

We store these (and other Montessori-style cards we have) in a clear pencil case:

If you are interested, you can download and print out your own set of vertebrate and invertebrate cards (and their labels).

Free Montessori Cards: Vertebrates-Invertebrates and the Five Vertebrate Groups (We have moved to

Someone asked where I got the frog skeleton. I actually bought it used from a friend, but I see that Amazon sells it. It is called a Transparent Bullfrog. We pull the skeleton out several times a year and have found it really useful. It’s a really nice size–about fourteen inches or so.

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Free Living-Non Living Montessori Cards

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Behind the scenes I’ve been getting things ready for our upcoming science units. ED will be doing a bit of animal classification review and I made some new cards for her. I realized, though, that if any of my readers have younger kids in the 2-4 age range you’ll want to start off with a simple living and non-living card sort. Here are a set of cards that you can download free to use with your kids:

NOTE: We have moved to We will be moving all of our printables there soon.

Free Living and Non-Living Montessori Cards

Characteristics of Living Things:  Here is some information to cover with older kids.

  • Living things are made up of units called cells
  • Living things reproduce
  • Living things are based on a universal genetic code
  • Living things grow and develop
  • Living things obtain and use materials and energy
  • Living things respond to their environment
  • Living things maintain stable internal environments – most organisms must keep internal conditions such as temperature and water content fairly constant to survive (homeostasis)
  • Taken as a group, living things change over time

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  • Various Free Montessori 3-Part Cards which has links to many of the free Montessori resources I’ve made for my kids.
  • Preschool Science at Home – Yesterday’s post with links to lots of free materials and activities to do with your kids
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