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Our American History/Geography Activities + various freebies

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

We are planning to focus on World Cultures (India and China) this year, but we haven’t started in on that yet.  Instead, we resumed the year with some of the U.S. geography and history activities we were working on last May/June.

Since we traveled quite a bit this summer I wanted to reinforce some of that geography.  We talked about our trips and the states we visited. We pulled out the U.S. Landmark cards I made a couple of years ago and went over the location of those famous U.S. sites.  The kids were pretty excited when we came to the Arches card and fought furiously (not with fists, though!) to place that on our big map! The kids are also working on the location of all the states. They are currently working on learning the location of the northeast states.

 This post will give you access to the free Montessori U.S. Landmark cards I mentioned above:

The past week or so we’ve been singing the Fifty States song (you-tube song) that we learned a couple of years ago. Here are the lyrics to the 50 States that Rhyme that you can download (we’ve moved to if you’re interested. Even ED is starting to sing along!

We also have been singing through the U.S. Presidents Song. This song has the 44 presidents listed in order to the tune of Ten Little Indians.  We got a copy of the lyrics over at Mrs. Jones’ Room.  I just want them to be familiar with the various presidents’ names at this point.

 We’ve also been reading through a very simplified version of American history. It has short, sweet chapters and serves only as an overview. Adding to one of the chapters we pulled out our copy of Paul Revere’s Ride. The kids memorized a couple of refrains from that… you know… Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere…

Finally, we went over some basics about the U.S. Constitution.  I wanted them to add some information to their history notebook and made these notebook pages about the U.S. Constitution. It is very basic.  Although I don’t show them here, I also included some (suggested) answers. So, the download is 6 pages total.

 U.S. Constitution Worksheets: (We’ve moved to

These sheets are now part of our Civics and Government Unit. You will find these at our new location,

So that’s been our history in a nutshell!

I hope we start on our India unit before my huge stack of books is due back at the library!!  :)

P.S. I’m adding this in a year or so later.  We are now covering Civics and Government in our homeschool… What is the Constitution? What are the Bill of Rights? What is an amendment and how many are there?   I found some wonderful civics resources and shared the details at this post:

Free Civics Materials

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