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Black Plague Activity

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Would you believe this is an activity that I created as an introduction to our physics unit on simple machines, gizmos and gadgets?!! Sometimes inspiration just hits! So here’s how it came to be.  I was doing some background reading on Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist who developed the Laws of Motion among other things. I learned that while he was at Cambridge University an outbreak of the Black Plague broke out and closed the school for two years.   He went home and made some pretty interesting discoveries.  Intrigued I went on to read more about the Black Plague in London (We’ve moved to in 1665:

In my google searches I came across a really fantastic simulation about the Black Plague. I adapted the general premiss of this activity and created our own Black Plague Activity. This was a huge success with the kids!

This post has been updated and is now located here: Black Plague Activity Instructions at

You can download our Black Plague Activity Instructions here.



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