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Ancient Egypt: Gods, Goddesses and Myths (Free Worksheet Set)

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

We have been learning a lot about the myths of Ancient Egypt. While I read to the kids, they often work on their own art. I came across a wonderful drawing book by Ralph Masiello that the kids have been using to create their own Ancient Egyptian-themed drawings. Below they are drawing the Ancient Egyptian god, Osiris:

Another day the kids drew Ra as they listened to our readings:

We started with a book that has simple, short explanations of the Egyptian gods and goddesses (The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Leonard Fisher). Then we read the wonderful, well written Egyptian Myths book (edited by Jacqueline Morley).

We also listened to a tape about Ancient Egypt’s mummies and myths.  Between the tape and the Egyptian Myth book above, the kids really have a wonderful understanding of some of Ancient Egypt’s gods and goddesses.

I made a couple of worksheets that the kids put into their history notebooks. You can tell I’ve had tons of fun drawing too! This set was meant to summarize the learning they did with the work above and probably doesn’t stand well on its own unless you supplement. That said, if you’re interested you can download your own copies of the Ancient Egypt Gods and Goddesses worksheets:

The answers are on the last page (the small page pictured at the right).

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