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Pattern Block Templates (Ages 18mo-4 years)

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

When my kids were little I bought a set of Pattern Blocks. It’s been one of the most enduring resources we have. We still bring them out occasionally and also use them for math now and then.

The kids have used templates like these:

And they’ve also used the pattern blocks for free play:

There are lots of places where you can find free pattern block templates:

One of the best places to get free pattern block mats is over at Prekinders.  There you have the option to print out black-and-white cards or full-color versions.

Kelly’s Kindergarten has two sets of pattern block pictures you can download as well.

Erica over at Confessions of a Homeschooler made a whole series of pattern block cards: Numbers 1-20; Alphabet Cards

If your kids are older, pattern blocks can be used for more advanced math problems. Mathwire  has a half-dozen problem solving activities that use pattern blocks for grades 3-4.

And there is a really neat set of Pattern Block Building Scenes mosques and temples here, though I don’t know the original website it came from.

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Long List of Activities for Tots and Preschoolers (Ages 2-6)

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Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables, Activity Packs and More (Ages 2-5)

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

There are such wonderful resources out there for those of you planning to do some St. Patrick’s Day activities with your kids. Here are some of the free St. Patrick’s Day units and printables I’ve come across:

2 Teaching Mommies: St. Patrick’s Day Preschool PackSt. Patrick’s Day Kindergarten Extension Pack

St. Patrick’s Day Play dough Activities at Living Montessori Now:

St. Patrick's Day Playdough Activities

Irish-themed letters (lower and upper case), numbers (0-20) and phonics cards and More: Your child could use these cards to match upper and lower case letters, to practice counting, etc. Communication4All also has lined and blank St. Patrick’s Day paper and other things.

Over the Big Moon: St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Pack

StPattyDayButtonWeb St. Patricks Day Pre K Pack

My 3 Dinosaurs: St. Patrick’s Day Pack

Our Little Monkey’s: St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Pack

st patricks ad

Our World Wide Classroom: St. Patrick’s Day Printables: Bottle top spelling cards, number cards and more

What the Teacher Wants: St. Patrick’s Day Mini Unit: Lucky Charm Graph, Acrostic, Science Activity and more

Prekinders: St. Patrick’s Day Unit ideas — for example, a Leprechaun Math Grid Game like ED and I were playing below a couple of years ago. We took turns rolling the die and place that many objects on our grid board.

St. Patrick’s Day Unit: from Oopsey Daisy– with song, finger play ideas, shamrock letters, a maze and more

Beautiful Rainbow Math Matching, Letter R printables (pictured below) from Confessions of a Homeschooler

St. Patrick’s Day Arts and Crafts Ideas — Kinderart

Family Fun — crafts, games and activities

There is a place value game I played with DD a year or two ago over at File Folder Fun. It’s called Shamrock Showdown.


A couple of years ago the kids made this funny guy:

and we did shamrock fishing…

Hope you found something helpful!

Other St. Patrick’s Day Materials:

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Long List of Activities for Tots and Preschoolers (ages 2-6)

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a post about how to create your own preschool science curriculum at home (mostly with materials you’ll find around the house).  I realized it has been a long time since I shared our long list of preschool activities. I wrote this post last year when ED was 4. The activities in this list really actually range from 2-6 year-olds or so.

I’m a list person. I love writing down things we should do, could do, have done. In fact, I started this blog as the ultimate list of things we’ve done!  Trying to balance the needs of three kids, I worry at times about not doing enough with ED. I was going through the preschool lists I created for the other kids and started making a list of things I wanted to do with ED. Then after going through my old lists, I also went through my blog (you can scan through out old toddler or preschoolposts too by going to the categories in the right sidebar). I came across a lot of things I’d like to do with ED…

Ultimately I came up with a three-page list of things to do with my preschooler. Some things she is beginning to outgrow, but I included them since others might find them helpful.  You can find my Huge List of Things to do with your Preschooler  here! I included hyperlinks back to old blog posts. And if you find this list helpful please drop me a comment.  I love sharing our activities and get a huge boost when I hear from others!

I hope you find some fun ideas to do with your preschooler!

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Click here to get even more fun craft ideas for kids using household items!

Crafts for Kids: Darling Dishes
Crafts for Kids: Darling Dishes
Crafts for Kids: Darling Dishes

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Free Living-Non Living Montessori Cards

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Behind the scenes I’ve been getting things ready for our upcoming science units. ED will be doing a bit of animal classification review and I made some new cards for her. I realized, though, that if any of my readers have younger kids in the 2-4 age range you’ll want to start off with a simple living and non-living card sort. Here are a set of cards that you can download free to use with your kids:

Free Living and Non-Living Montessori Cards

Characteristics of Living Things:  Here is some information to cover with older kids.

  • Living things are made up of units called cells
  • Living things reproduce
  • Living things are based on a universal genetic code
  • Living things grow and develop
  • Living things obtain and use materials and energy
  • Living things respond to their environment
  • Living things maintain stable internal environments – most organisms must keep internal conditions such as temperature and water content fairly constant to survive (homeostasis)
  • Taken as a group, living things change over time

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Snowflake Math (2 1/2 Year Old’s Activity)

Friday, December 13th, 2013

With all the snow and ice we’ve had this week, it brought to mind a really cute activity I did with ED when she was a toddler.  This time of year there should be some pretty snowflake ornaments at the hobby store like the ones I got a few years ago.  

When ED was 2 1/2 she always came running when I called the older kids for math time.  I tried to keep things fresh and fun for her as well!

At the time ED was learning to count out 4 objects (not just saying the numbers and pointing to as many objects as she can!) It was a big step for her (she was 2yrs 9mo).

Below there are three different basic counting activities:

We had leftover numbers from putting up mailbox numbers.  Bright and shiny for this activity!  ED simply has to place the sparkly snowflake ornament on the small snowflake that is glued on the paper. Together we counted out the snowflakes as she placed them on the paper.

For this activity I made lots of black strips with numbers and crayon-drawn snowflakes.  ED really enjoyed using the snowflake stamp to punch out the snowflakes from the strip.  I told her she could also glue snowflakes onto the strip, but she wasn’t interested.

For the last activity I glued very small homemade snowflakes onto Popsicle sticks.  I covered a cereal box with aluminium foil and contact paper and stuck on numbers (again from our mailbox set).  Then I used a knife to put slits next to the number.  ED LOVES LOVES LOVES this activity! She did it over and over.  After a while I held up 4 (and 2 and 3, etc) snowflake sticks and asked her how many there were. She was correct each time!

This had huge appeal for ED and she spent days enjoying these activities!

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Sesame Street Lessons: Learning Tips and Tricks
Sesame Street Lessons: Learning Tips and Tricks

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