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Preschool Math: Teaching Numbers Greater than 10

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Have you heard of a seguin board?  It’s a Montessori math tool for helping young kids understand place value.  When ED was little (about 3), I made a printable and used it to work with her when she was ready to tackle the teen numbers.  She used to skip some of the numbers after 13.

I used a homemade version of the Montessori seguin board (download the seguin board activity packet I made here).  It’s a board with lots of 10s in a column. The child then places a digit over the zero to make 11, 12, 13, etc.

1) First ED counted the number of animals.
2) Then she pulled out the same number of beads. I made a big deal about the group of 10 beads being called her special ‘golden beads.’ She promptly fell in love with them!
3) Next she chose the proper digit and placed it in the ones column to make it “one ten and one” (for 11), “one ten and two” (for 12) and so forth.

If you’re interested, I made a packet of the seguin materials that you can download free.  You can also buy a proper wooden seguin board (such as this teens board (Alison Montissori) or  this teens and tens board (Kid Advance)), but I never used them enough with my older two to warrant the price.

Preschool Math: Seguin Board Activity

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Counting Kitties Printable for Tots and PreK

Friday, January 31st, 2014

When I was creating the post about practicing time, I remembered the  Counting Kitties activity sheets I made for ED when she was 3 or so.  I thought I would share them again. I had ED count the number of kitties and then color in the corresponding number of squares below. It helps them learn one-to-one correspondence. At the time, it was a little on the easy side for my daughter, so she also practiced writing the number as well.

Click here to download the Counting Kitties Activity Sheets (there’s a total of 9 pages):

I drew the kitty myself using a computer drawing pad Hubby got me for my birthday.

You might also be interested in the free Kitty Clock Printable I shared in yesterday’s post about our time activities:

If you download these I’d love to hear from you either here or over on my Homeschool Den Facebook page! That’s also a great place to visit if you’d like to browse through and see any recent posts you might have missed.  ~Liesl

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Snowflake Math (2 1/2 Year Old’s Activity)

Friday, December 13th, 2013

With all the snow and ice we’ve had this week, it brought to mind a really cute activity I did with ED when she was a toddler.  This time of year there should be some pretty snowflake ornaments at the hobby store like the ones I got a few years ago.  

When ED was 2 1/2 she always came running when I called the older kids for math time.  I tried to keep things fresh and fun for her as well!

At the time ED was learning to count out 4 objects (not just saying the numbers and pointing to as many objects as she can!) It was a big step for her (she was 2yrs 9mo).

Below there are three different basic counting activities:

We had leftover numbers from putting up mailbox numbers.  Bright and shiny for this activity!  ED simply has to place the sparkly snowflake ornament on the small snowflake that is glued on the paper. Together we counted out the snowflakes as she placed them on the paper.

For this activity I made lots of black strips with numbers and crayon-drawn snowflakes.  ED really enjoyed using the snowflake stamp to punch out the snowflakes from the strip.  I told her she could also glue snowflakes onto the strip, but she wasn’t interested.

For the last activity I glued very small homemade snowflakes onto Popsicle sticks.  I covered a cereal box with aluminium foil and contact paper and stuck on numbers (again from our mailbox set).  Then I used a knife to put slits next to the number.  ED LOVES LOVES LOVES this activity! She did it over and over.  After a while I held up 4 (and 2 and 3, etc) snowflake sticks and asked her how many there were. She was correct each time!

This had huge appeal for ED and she spent days enjoying these activities!

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Thanksgiving Skip Counting Mazes 2s, 3s, 5s (Free)

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Last week my daughter did several skip counting mazes and she asked for more. I whipped a few new sheets together for her… the turkey has to find his lost hat (and not wind up as dinner!). You can move in any direction including diagonally.  If you are interested you can download them and use them with your kids as well!  Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Skip Counting Practice

If you found these helpful, I’d love to hear from you over on my Homeschool Den Facebook Page. That’s also a great place to see if you’ve missed any other previous posts that might be of interest! ~Liesl

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Free Math Dice Game for ages 4-6 (to learn double digit numbers)

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

This week, ED is going to work on place value. She still needs work on her double digits (not reversing fourteen as 41 and so forth).  There’s a game we haven’t played in ages called Sunny Side Up that is just perfect for reviewing those double digit numbers.  I made some new game sheets for her and will share it for anyone else who might be interested.

First, here’s how to play:

*Make 5 dice with the numbers 1-5 and a sunny face.    I keep a supply of wooden cubes from the hobby store on hand just for occasions like this!

*Each player gets a Sunny Side Up sheet.  (There are 4 on each page below.)

*Each player takes a turn tossing all 5 dice at once.

*The player combines the numbers to cross off as many numbers on her score sheet as possible.

*A sunny side up can be used for any number.

*For example, if she threw the dice and had the following numbers 3  5  1  5 and a sunny side. She could cross out the numbers 55, 34 (3 and the sun) and 1 on her score sheet

*The first person to cross off all their numbers wins.

Click here to download the instructions and game sheets for Sunny Side Up. As always, it’s free to download.

If you found this useful, I’d love to hear from you over on my Homeschool Den Facebook Page.

Hope you and your child/children have fun!!



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