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4 Fun, Active Games for Practicing Math Facts

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

With the weather so beautiful, we’ve taken math outside. Don’t you love when the kids BEG and BEG for more math practice?!! So here are some of the games we’ve been playing outside…

Math Sponge Toss: If it’s getting warm where you live, the kids might enjoy this activity.  We hung math problems up on the garage door with painters tape. The kids took turns trying to SPLAT their card. If they hit the card AND solved it correctly, they got to take it down from the wall. As you can see, the kids each had their own color and their problems were different since they’re covering different things. You could even include your little ones by including cards with just a number, letter or shape (square, triangle, etc.).

Math Fact Hopscotch: We drew a hopscotch game and then put two numbers in the double squares. The kids had to either add (for ED) or multiply (for DD and LD) the numbers before they jumped on the number. They raced through as fast as they could once while I kept time. To “win” they had to beat their own time the second time through.

Math Bulls-eye Game: We created a bulls-eye with chalk. The outer numbers were drawn in green, the inner numbers in pink.  The kids had to try to get a pom-pom on each color. They added or multiplied those numbers together. If they landed on one of each color they got a point and if they got the answer correct they also got a point.

Math 5-Minute Relay Race: For this race, I made up cards ahead of time so that LD did percentage or fraction problems while DD did multiplication/division and ED practiced addition.   The kids had to work together to get as many problems correct in five minutes as they could.  They took turns running up the hill, grabbing a problem from their pile, solving it before crossing the finish line and tagging the next person to play.  They LOVED, LOVED this activity!!  We did this three times before I called it quits — and we played it again the next day too!


Do you have some games that make math fact practice fun?? We’d love to hear your ideas over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page!!

Snow Cone Cupcakes
Snow Cone Cupcakes
Snow Cone Cupcakes

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Free Montessori Style Addition Sheets (And Place Value Activities)

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Earlier this year, ED decided she wanted a math workbook just like DD and LD’s books.  We had been playing a lot of games, but according to her, that wasn’t “real math” anymore!  I bought a Spectrum math workbook for her (grade 2). She worked her way through the basic addition problems. Before she goes on to tackle double digit addition and subtraction in that book, though, I wanted her to work through some of the Montessori style addition and subtraction sheets that had worked so well for LD and DD.

She is working through the “no regrouping” addition pages.  I like that the columns are separated and color coded (ones are in green, tens are blue, hundreds are red).  At first look she was baffled, but then within a few minutes she “got it.” “This is SOOoooo easy, Ma,” she soon told me! Great! I like hearing that.

I’ll share some of the sheets I made for ED.  These pages have no regrouping. We’re still making our way through these and some similar resources I have on hand. I haven’t introduced the concept of regrouping to her yet (and I’ll want to use the Montessori math beads for that), so I’m not quite ready to share the “regrouping” pages with you (stay tuned!).

These packets are free to download. Just click on the links below. There are two separate files.

Download the Montessori Style Addition Worksheets: Tens – Ones Addition Sheets (5 pages)

Download the free Montessori Style Addition Sheets: Hundreds – Tens – Ones Addition Sheets (9 pages) 

By the way, if you haven’t already, I recommend that you do some place value activities.  Here are links to show you how we covered that:

Place Value Activities (and links to where you can print out your own purple bead sets):

Here is another post for doing similar activities: place value activities. This time we used place value stamps (note that the colors below correspond to the colors I used in the worksheets above).  That post has a link to where you can download those “stamp game” materials.

I also made some kitty-themed hundreds cards that you can download if you are interested. At the time I used them for explaining long division, but you can use it in place of the purple dot cards shown above.

If you found these useful, I’d love to hear from you over on our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! That’s also a great place to catch up on some of the posts you may have missed recently.

P.S. Not too long after I shared these sheets, someone informed me that these are not “Montessori” math sheets.  I had gotten these types of problems off of a website that called itself “Montessori” years ago so I made the assumption that they were… (Maybe that’s why they are no long available? Maybe they weren’t Montessori enough?) Anyway, I just make things that work for my kids — Montessori or otherwise… so if you are a Montessori teacher or homeschooler you now have your warning that you’ll need to delve further to see if they are “official enough” and if they work for you. Labels are a funny thing, right?   :)

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Free Easter Multiplication and Division Worksheets

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Although a lot of the schools around us are having spring break, we have a family vacation coming up in another month so we’re homeschooling this week.  Over the weekend, I made some multiplication and division pages for DD and LD to practice their math facts. You can download this free by clicking on the link below. There are 3 pages.

Free Easter Multiplication and Division Worksheets

LD is also working on percents. You can download some free worksheets if you visit this post: Free Percents-Fractions-Decimal Worksheets.

You might also be interested in our series of science Egg-Speriments!

Come visit us at the Homeschool Den Facebook Page to browse through our other posts.

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Free Math Pages: Percents – Fractions – Decimals

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

LD is starting a unit on percents.  I explained that percent means “per hundred” or “of a hundred.”  We started with these free sheets from worksheet fun that have some of the blocks in a hundred squared shaded in. It was easy to see that 84% was 84 of a hundred…

The next day I had him do these worksheets that I made, which helped him see the relationship between fraction, decimals and percents. (There are three pages.) He understood immediately when he divided the block in half… that each half was 50%… (or into quarters and each 1/4=25%).

Click here to download the free fraction, decimal, percent math pages:

We then used this similar sheet from teaching image the next day: 

I looked everywhere for some free percent-decimal-fraction cards so we could play some games.  I didn’t want to spend the time making cards if I could find them free out on the Internet. I found this printable by Raft (Resource Area for Teaching) Bay Area. The great thing is that they are made to print out onto 4×1 labels… so all we had to do was cut them out and stick them onto index card. Clever!

From there we’ll use some other free resources we found on the web…LD hasn’t gotten to those yet, so I’ll have to add a part 2 in another week or so. :)

Come visit us at the Homeschool Den Facebook Page to see some of the posts (and freebies!) you may have missed.

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Coins, Coins, Coins! (Ages 4-6)

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

ED has been working on coins for math.  To be honest, sometimes things just don’t get accomplished unless I’ve taken some time before-hand to get things ready. Here are some activities I got together for her.

I grabbed our coin bowl and made pre-made ziploc bags of coins for her to match.  There is one extra card for each packet. I placed five small ziploc bags with pre-counted amounts of coins and index cards with various values in the bags.

Here are some of the coin combinations ED’s working with. Obviously you can make ziploc bags that work for your kids!

We also have a couple of activities I pulled off the web. We’re using these with a simple spinner.  I’ve had them for a couple of years, so unfortunately I can’t share the link for the 4 in row cards, but I got the pig printable over at Oceans of First Grade Fun. She has directions for a different game/activity she did with those pigs called Bank on It. The spinner is from What the Teacher Wants.

I also made ED a couple of math chain activities… One was just to match and staple the quarters and their values:

The other math chains were for skip counting by 2s and 5s… Okay, so mainly you see Boomer being modeled. You’ll just have to believe me that ED’s chain goes from 2, 4, 6 up to 20!!

You can download and print out these math chains here:

Coin Chains and Skip Counting Chains (2s, 5s)

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