Quarto Strategy Game

This summer, we’re trying to bring out some of the board games that are often ignored during the school year. Board games and strategy games can foster the ability to think, focus, and problem solve. Games require players to plan ahead and can help develop more sophisticated thinking skills. Games are beneficial because they foster social interaction and social skills. Everyone practices taking turns and following the rules.  Games also help everyone learn good sportsmanship–winning and losing gracefully. A board game can cost less that taking the family to the movies and yet can be repeated over and over. Besides, they’re fun!

The game I want to share with you today is a strategy game called Quarto.  It is a challenging game that takes tic-tac-toe to another level!  Players try to get four in a row by attribute:

  • color (tan or dark brown)
  • shape (circle or square)
  • solid or hollow
  • tall or short
The twist is that each player gives the other player the next piece to place onto the board.

In the picture below, DD is placing a solid square piece on the board. This prevents me from winning by placing hollow or circular piece.  After she places her piece, she’ll decide which dark piece to hand me for my move. 

My six year old is able to play this game, though it is more competitive playing with my 8 and 10 year olds who can both strategize and think ahead.

You can find the Quarto Strategy Game at Amazon.

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