Free Grammar Sheets: Lay-Lie, Peace-Piece, Accept-Except and more

The kids are going over some tricky homophones.  These are some of the sheets I made for them.  If you can use them, they are free to download.

We are moving to We will be moving all of our printables there soon.

Free Grammar Sheets: Lay-Lie, Peace-Piece, Accept-Except and more

Other free grammar worksheets you can download (We will be moving all our printables to

  • Plurals, Adding Endings, Past Tense Verbs - Practicing doubling the consonant, irregular verbs, changing the Y to I and adding the ending, etc.
  • Their, They’re, There – Its, It’s Free Practice Sheets
  • Comma Rules and Practice Worksheets
  • Grammar Practice: Possessive Nouns and Pronouns
  • Free Grammar Worksheets: Homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently)
  •  The use of apostrophes, quotation marks and underlining
  • 11 Comma Rules and Practice
  • Grammar Practice Sheets: Irregular Verbs and Nouns
  • More Irregular Verb and Plural Noun Practice Sheets
  • Here’s a post with a number of different sheets: Comma Rules, Apostrophes, Underlining and Other Free Grammar Sheets.

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