Free Montessori Style Addition Sheets (And Place Value Activities)

Earlier this year, ED decided she wanted a math workbook just like DD and LD’s books.  We had been playing a lot of games, but according to her, that wasn’t “real math” anymore!  I bought a Spectrum math workbook for her (grade 2). She worked her way through the basic addition problems. Before she goes on to tackle double digit addition and subtraction in that book, though, I wanted her to work through some of the Montessori style addition and subtraction sheets that had worked so well for LD and DD.

She is working through the “no regrouping” addition pages.  I like that the columns are separated and color coded (ones are in green, tens are blue, hundreds are red).  At first look she was baffled, but then within a few minutes she “got it.” “This is SOOoooo easy, Ma,” she soon told me! Great! I like hearing that.

I’ll share some of the sheets I made for ED.  These pages have no regrouping. We’re still making our way through these and some similar resources I have on hand. I haven’t introduced the concept of regrouping to her yet (and I’ll want to use the Montessori math beads for that), so I’m not quite ready to share the “regrouping” pages with you (stay tuned!).

These packets are free to download. Just click on the links below. There are two separate files.

Download the Montessori Style Addition Worksheets: Tens – Ones Addition Sheets (5 pages)

Download the free Montessori Style Addition Sheets: Hundreds – Tens – Ones Addition Sheets (9 pages) 

By the way, if you haven’t already, I recommend that you do some place value activities.  Here are links to show you how we covered that:

Place Value Activities (and links to where you can print out your own purple bead sets):

Here is another post for doing similar activities: place value activities. This time we used place value stamps (note that the colors below correspond to the colors I used in the worksheets above).  That post has a link to where you can download those “stamp game” materials.

I also made some kitty-themed hundreds cards that you can download if you are interested. At the time I used them for explaining long division, but you can use it in place of the purple dot cards shown above.

If you found these useful, I’d love to hear from you over on our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! That’s also a great place to catch up on some of the posts you may have missed recently.

P.S. Not too long after I shared these sheets, someone informed me that these are not “Montessori” math sheets.  I had gotten these types of problems off of a website that called itself “Montessori” years ago so I made the assumption that they were… (Maybe that’s why they are no long available? Maybe they weren’t Montessori enough?) Anyway, I just make things that work for my kids — Montessori or otherwise… so if you are a Montessori teacher or homeschooler you now have your warning that you’ll need to delve further to see if they are “official enough” and if they work for you. Labels are a funny thing, right?   :)

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