Free Engineering Curriculum Available Right Now (Grades 3 to 8)

There is an amazing engineering curriculum that is put out by the Museum of Science, Boston. It’s called Engineering is Elementary.  My friend first told me about their hands-on curriculum units and we actually have two of their units lined up for the next month or two.

Why study engineering? Their website explains it this way:

Hands-on, project-based learning is the essence of engineering. As groups of students work together to answer questions like “How large should I make the canopy of this parachute?” or “What material should I use for the blades of my windmill?” they collaborate, think critically and creatively, and communicate with one another.

Grades 6-8, Free Engineering Units:

They have launched a new curriculum, Engineering Everywhere, for Grades 6-8 and are offering the first two units free (right now). Normally, their units are about $50. They are very hands on (for example, the one we’ll be doing their unit on Water: designing water filters which has the kids design the best water filter to get rid of pollutants) and includes a story that goes along with it.

Thanks to their funder i2Camp, two of the units are now offered free. This link will take you there.  I had to fill out a form with my details in order to reach the download page (once for each unit), but was able to retrieve their 75 page manual and the 25 page story with no troubles. There two units are called:

  • Don’t Runoff: Engineering an Urban Landscape
  • Here comes the Sun: Engineering Insulated Homes

Click on this link to download those free units: Engineering Everywhere Curriculum Units

Grades 3-5, Free Engineering Units:

While I was looking around, I also noticed that they offer other units for Grades 3-5 free as well called Engineering Adventures.  Their free units include: 

Four of the seven units:

I noticed that they have an option for “Buy the Unit” ($50) and “Download for Free” — so I imagine that these units won’t always be offered for free.  (I don’t know that, I’m just speculating.)  Anyway, it was free for me today.

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