Free Christmas Math Games (Double Digit Number Game, Grid Game): Ages 4-8

Last week I shared some of the math card games I played with the kids.  Life has been busy and I only had the chance to print out these next two games yesterday.  I’ll share them with you today. These are a couple more games that use the Christmas Number Cards I shared last week.

The first game is called the Quick Christmas Cross-Off.  It’s great for kids who are learning to recognize double-digit numbers.

You need the number cards 0 through 9 from five or six different decks. Print off one of the game boards (there’s a large one on the following page or 2 small ones on page 15.)

Each player chooses a different color marker or crayon.  

  • On the first player’s turn, she takes 2 cards and put them together in any order and cross of that number combination.
  • A player with the number 3 and 4 cards could cross off either 34, 43 or 3 and 4. 
  • The first player to connect 5 boxes in a row wins!

Great Grid Game

For this game you need cards from 1-6 and two markers or crayons of different colors.

  • The first player selects two cards. Create a grid with those numbers. 
  • For example, if a player gets a 2 and 6 she marks out a grid like the green example below. 
  • If the next player gets two 3s, she would mark out the grid like the red example below.
  • Continue playing until the board is covered and/or no more grids can be colored. 

If you are interested, you can download the game boards for these below:

Christmas Math Games: Quick Christmas Cross-Off and The Great Grid Game

Last week I shared the free Christmas Number Cards I made and a number of card game ideas.

Free Christmas Number Cards and Math Games

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