Kindergarten Math (addition games/place value activities)

It has been a while since I talked about what ED is doing for math.  Kindergarten math for ED has included a smorgasbord of materials.  

She spent the first month or so really working on her doubling math facts (1+1 through 9+9). She has those down now.

Although we have a couple of math (homeschool) curriculums (Singapore Grade 1 and Saxon Grade 1) for whatever reason, neither of those really work for her at the moment.  Instead she has a math notebook with various activities I’ve found online (I’ll share those below) and a workbook that I found at a used bookstore that she just loves!  It’s called First Grade Math Review  and has a good variety of math activities (addition, mazes, connect-the-dot, patterns, money, time, etc):

I mentioned this the other day, but ED has also been working quite a bit with me on place value. We have some place value dice. She rolls the dice and builds the number (saying the full number aloud):

And she’s been using our Montessori dot cards to build the numbers. We have packets of 10 100-dot cards for the thousands:

Picture (below): You can print out and make your own set of dot cards…

Purple dots– units and 10s
Purple dots — 100s

I also made a kitty version of the place value cards  and shared those on the blog last week if that might appeal to your kids:

We’ve also used the Montessori stamp materials to build numbers as well:

Pictured below: Place value stamps (I printed them out on different colored paper:

Also in ED’s math notebook are some math sheets I found out on the web:

Fall Themed Skip Counting by 2s Maze from First Grade WOW–Falling for Leaves Packet

Erica over at Confessions of a Homeschooler has a whole set of skip counting mazes as well an easier set appropriate for ages 4-6 or so of 2s, 5s, 10s, etc. and another set for kids first learning multiplication and practicing 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s, etc.

Nancy from First Grade WOW has another free squirrel-math unit called “We’re Nuts About Addition” that she shared last week.  It has really cute graphics and you might want to check that out as well. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!!

Over at a Teacher’s Take Out there’s another set of cute math dice games called A Jar of Fall — Game for addition, adding three numbers and multiplication:

There is a Free Math Pack from the Moffat Girls (you’ll need to register for free at the Teacher’s Notebook to download this file) with all kinds of math activities. We printed out a few pages from this pack:

ED still asks to do the (very plain) doubling practice sheet I made for her, so she has a lot of these scattered throughout her math notebook. Download the free Doubling Practice Sheets here. There are 4 practice sheets in all:

She also still wants to play the kitty doubling game once a week or so (also free to download) for practicing 5+5 through 10+10:

Sometimes ED will play math games online. Here are a couple online games she has enjoyed:

Fairy Addition Game: The more problems you answer correctly, the more items you place into the picture (at Fun4thebrain):

Ghost Blaster II: Choose a sum (such as 8). Two ghosts pop up. If the sum is equal to 8, then you hit the Z key. You can practice any sum up to 50.

Space Shuttle Addition: This is still a bit difficult for ED (even on the easy setting), but I’ll share it anyway for the rest of you. To play, you use your mouse to use the keyboard to the right to select the answer:

You’ll find a lot more addition games at Fun4thebrain. I’ve also heard good things about mathplayground, but haven’t had time to check that out yet.

So that’s about it for now! You might also like this post about ED’s math activities: (We have moved to homeschoolden.comMath Facts: Make it Active! Make it Fun! where ED jumps and races to complete her math facts!

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