Free Simple Machines Packet (About 25 pages)

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I have kids of different ages (5, 8 and 10). We all did this simple machines unit together. It was perfect for my younger two — quite easy for my oldest, but from here we’re going to go on to more complicated topics… inventions and electricity which are more suited to my older two.  It works best for our family to do these science and history together even if I have to modify it for the kids.

I’ll explain what’s in the packet:

The first three pages are virtually identical with a tracing page, fill-in-the-blank page and matching page:

We went into quite a bit of detail about the three classes of levers. These are some pages that explain what those three classes are and has them identify the fulcrum, load and effort:

These are pretty simple pages to write notes on the types of machines… and then three pages for the picture sort (see the next set of pictures below):

Simple Machines Sorting Activity:

There are four pages of pictures of various simple machines you might encounter in everyday life that the kids had to sort.

I also put answers (so there are four additional pages)… although some things could be categorized in more than one place. The wheel barrow, for example, could be classified as a lever — or it could be classified as a wheel and axle. If you have younger kids you may not want to use all of these.

In the next section, I jotted down some of the activities I could do with the kids. We wound up doing a lot of them and you’ll find them in other posts about this unit. (I’ll link to those hands-on activities at the end of this post.)

I contemplated deleting the last three or four pages because they were just my notes about simple machines… there’s a long list of examples and some other things I considered doing with the kids. Anyway, I decided in the end to keep those notes in. Maybe you’ll find them helpful, maybe not!!:

My kids and I have had a lot of fun with this unit! You can download the packet I made  by clicking on the following link:

NOTE: We are moving to We will soon be moving all of our printables there.

Simple Machines Packet: 

If you are from a school, you will probably have to use your private google account to access this file. Most school email systems won’t allow access to google docs and won’t let me add you to the “share” settings.  You can also email me to request the file and I’ll do my best to get it to you. ~Liesl

If you use this in your homeschool or classroom, I’d love to hear from you over at my Homeschool Den Facebook Page!

Other Hands-On Activities from Our Simple Machines Unit:

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