Halloween Party Games!

Each year, I organize a huge halloween party in our community. We have lots and lots of games for the kids. The kids all have lots of fun!! Today I wanted to share some of the games that we play at our party.

I made a document of all these games and shared them as a free download. You’ll find that at the end.

We made a lot of our decorations by hand out of old boxes.

Racing Games Station:

Ghost Waiter – Each child carries a paper plate on their hand like a waiter, balance a balloon on top of the plate.  Race to the end and back.

Zombie Daylight Darkness – This is played like red-light green light. One person is at the end. When she faces the kids it is DAYLIGHT and no one can move. When she faces away from the kids, it is night-time. The kids can move forward like Zombies (no running). When the person at the end turns back, if she spots a zombie moving, that player goes back to the beginning.

Eyeball Races – This is an egg and spoon race.  Give each child a plastic spoon and a ping-pong eyeball. Race down to the end and back without dropping the eyeball.

Witch’s Broom Race  - Each child is given a broom and a balloon. They have to sweep the balloon down to the end and back.

Skeleton Bone Race – Each child is given a half a straw and a paper bone.  When it’s time to go, the child sucks on the straw and holds the bone on the end of the straw (NO HANDS!). The child who gets the farthest before the bone drops off (or the ones who get to the end) win that round.

Under the Witch’s Broom- This the game “LIMBO”  Two people hold a broom. Children go under the broom, one at at time bending their back (stomach facing up). The child cannot touch the floor with their hands. If they fall, they are out.


Other Spooky Games:

Bobbing for Apples

Donut on a String – Donuts are suspended on a string from a stick. The child has to try to grab and eat the donut (while the person holding the donut makes the string bob around and move). When the child takes a bite of the donut, she can keep her prize!

Frisbee Toss- Each child is given 5 mini frisbees and has to toss two frisbees into the cauldron.


Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss – Each a giant jack-o-lantern was painted on a box.  The kids have to stand behind the line and toss a beanbag through the jack-o-lantern”s eye to win!

Eye on the Prize – There’s a picture of a skull and a werewolf with no eyes. Place a blindfold on and try to place the eyeball sticker right onto the eye socket to win!

Ghost Waiter – Each child carries a paper plate on their hand like a waiter, balance a balloon on top of the plate.  Race to the end and back.

Slimy Slug Toss – We purchased stretchy, slimy slugs from Oriental Trading (the kind that stick to the wall). The kids are given 3 slugs and have to toss one of the slugs into the cup. It sounds easy, but those slimy slugs stick to your hand!!

Candy Corn Toss – Get the candy corn into the jack-o-lantern (or cauldron)

Ghostly Choices!! – Each child is given a fishing rod with a magnet on the bottom. Try to fish for the right ghost to win the prize.  (2 tries)


Black Light Cake Walk! - Each walks around the circle until the music ends. Then each child goes and stands on a number. If his number is called, then he wins a cupcake!!

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt! – Hide various bones around the room/house/building. Kids have to find all the body parts to win!

Other spooky activities:

Create your own milk box tissue paper decor.

Place a fake candle in it when done

Make spiders and bats


 Halloween Party Games Free Download

I’d love to hear how your Halloween Party went!  Let me know on my Homeschool Den Facebook Page!! ~Liesl

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