Human Body Activities – Digestive System

Last week, I was out of commission and prepared some posts while I recovered.  I picked out some old posts that might be of interest. This is the last of these posts:

Some the posts that receive the most hits were my human body posts from last spring. Here are some of the activities and worksheets we did last year…

Last week was a quiet one. The public school kids had their spring break, so we had activities and play dates each day. We did extremely short days of school. We did start off our human body unit, though.

Once a year, we usually learn about one of the human body systems. Last year, for example, we learned about the circulatory system. This year we are going to study the digestive system.

Overview of the Human Body Systems

We started with a fun album called the Human Body Rock (we borrowed it from the library, but it’s available at Amazon) that we listened to as we made our two trips to the doctors last week (for LD’s allergy shots). The first song goes over the body systems in a fun, general way and we used that as a spring-board for talking about all the systems.

I made this matching page of all the body systems and we did that one morning to add to their science notebooks:

NOTE: We are moving to We will be moving all of our printables there. Click here to go to this same post – Human Body Activities – Digestive System… or just click through the links below to find what you want.

Download the free worksheet: Body Systems Matching Page

We also have some skeleton worksheets and lapbook pages available:


I also made a chart and we wrote down some of the lyrics to the song.

  • immune system — defends our body
  • skeletal system — all your bones
  • excretory system — cleans our body of poisons
  • muscular system — all your muscles
  • endocrine system is in control of the thyroid glands
  • digestive system — mouth and stomach
  • respiratory system — delivers your oxygen
  • nervous system — is your control center
  • circulatory system — is your life pump that keeps your blood flowing

Download the free Human Body Systems Chart: (We will be moving all of our printables to

If the album,  Human Body Rock, is not available at your local library, it is available at Amazon. You can even just download the one song (“Body System Rocks” and/or listen to a preview) for 99 cents. It’s cute and catchy and great for kids ages 4-10.

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