Science Activities (4-6yr olds): Nocturnal – Diurnal Animals (Free 3-Part Montessori Cards)

This week ED and I read two books together: What Makes Day and Night and Totally Amazing Night Animals.  She really enjoyed both of them and we added in some activities to go with these books.

After we read through What Makes Day and Night, we spent a lot of time in the dark bathroom! First I held the flashlight and shined it at her as she spun around like Earth. Then we got out the globe and we spun it around as she watched:

Then we spent several days reading through the really fun book, Totally Amazing Night Animals. It has little snippets about all kinds of night critters.  It’s an amusing book with great pictures and cute cartoon type drawings on each page.  My kids have TOTALLY loved this entire series (though you’d have to buy it used at Amazon).

I couldn’t find quite what I wanted free out on the web, so I quickly made a set of Montessori type cards of Nocturnal and Diurnal animals.  All of the kids took a turn sorting through the cards. ED also matched the names of the animals to the cards once she had sorted them. If your child is younger, you can have them match the pictures as well, but ED didn’t have any interest in doing that this time round.

You can download the free Montessori sort cards that I made here: Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals Montessori 3-Part Cards


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Have a great day! ~Liesl


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