Free Math Lapbook (PreK, K, 1st Grade)

At the end of the year last year, I had ED cut out and put together a math lapbook. We didn’t go over much of the material in it, but I wanted the lapbook mostly done for the beginning of this year.

We had a few finishing touches. For example, we hadn’t attached the left and right hands — so ED glued those on the front of her lapbook. (We have yet to add a title as well!)

If you’ve never made a lapbook, you can see that you take the front and back of the file folder and fold them to meet in the center. You can add pages on the inside as needed. For this lapbook, I taped in one more page (another file folder cut in half).

She also glued in the doubles (1+1 through 9+9):

Yesterday I explained that ED is learning the concept of odd-even numbers.  We pulled out her lapbook and we played the butterfly game for the first time.  We took out all the butterflies and each took a butterfly net. ED rolled the die and pulled out that number of butterflies to put in her net. Then I rolled the die and grabbed that number of butterflies.  ED then spun the spinner to see who would win the round.  If it landed on odd — then anyone who had an odd number of butterflies won.  If it landed on more — then the person with the most butterflies won the round. It was quite possible that we tied for that round.

Tomorrow I’ll explain a little bit more about what we’re doing with the calendar pieces of the math lapbook.

If you are interested, feel free to download your own copy of free the Math Lapbook. It’s free to download, but I sure do love hearing from you if you find it useful. You can leave a comment over at my Homeschool Den Facebook Page. That’s also a great place to catch up on some of my old posts as well.  It’s a quick, easy way to see what you’ve missed.

P.S. I had a typo on the number matching (the word zero was under the number 6). That has been fixed! :)

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