50+ Science Books for Kids

I am trying to do some general organizing this summer for the next school year.  I’ve been trying to figure out what science units we’ll do this next year and also wanted to be sure that I’m covering some fun/basic information with the kids.  My oldest loved science from very early on and we added lots and lots of books to read aloud when he was in preschool-kindergarten. At the time we lived in Australia so we had to buy a lot of our books (thank you ebay!!). The library in our remote town was pretty terrible.

Now my youngest is about that same age and I realized we hadn’t been doing much science reading with her.  I went through our books and made a list… kind of putting books together in general categories… seasons, weather, water, rain forests, natural disasters and so forth. I’ll share my long list in case anyone else is interested in books like this for their kids.  I still “plant” these books on the kitchen table for my older two kids to read to themselves.

If I had to recommend a few of our favorites to start with? Definitely top on the list are the Totally Amazing books. I only see them used on Amazon at this point… such as Totally Amazing Mummies, Totally Amazing Insects and Totally Amazing Plants. My son STILL reads these a couple times a year!

We also have loved some of Lets Read and Find Out Science books — such as What Happens to a Hamburger, Germs Make Me Sick and so forth.

We have a lot of Magic School Bus (MSB in my list below) books as well, though I think the kids tend to like the show better than the books.

Download our list of Science Book List — Early Elementary here or click on the photo below:

I’ll just be reading these aloud with my 5 year old, but I’m going to have the older kids read/use these when we go over some of the characteristics of non-fictions texts.

I’m contemplating getting some books for our upcoming Simple Machines/Gadgets/Forces unit which aren’t on the list above. They are all by Michael Dahl–Pull, Lift, Lower: A Book about Pulleys, Scoop SeeSaw and Raise: A Book about Levers, Roll Slope Slide, Tires Spokes and Sprockets, and Twist Dig and Drill.

If your child loves science, I know my son loved the Andrew Lost Books (fiction, but have some general fun science facts). The first one is Andrew Lost On the Dog… and other titles in the series include Andrew Lost in the Bathroom, Andrew Lost In the Garden, Andrew Lost in the Ice Age, Andrew Lost in the Kitchen, etc.  My son really enjoyed them back in second grade or so.  Andrew is ten and has been inventing things since he was four.  Andrew wanted to shrink himself, but he had an accident and made himself small… very small… and he goes on amazing adventures!

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