Free German Worksheets for Kids

This post gets lots and lots of hits each day, so I’ve updated it (Fall 2014) to include some of the resources we’re using this fall and links to some of our more recent posts. You’ll find those at the end of this post. :)

I’ve been starting to plan and work on our units for next fall.  I wanted to do some basic review work in German because we spent all last semester using Pimsleur German to do conversational German in the car (we spent all semester driving twice a week an hour+ to get LD’s allergy shots).

I want to be sure the kids remember some of the basic things we’ve covered.  Here are some of the resources we’ll be using:

A few worksheets on German Numbers from TLS Books:

Some German sheets that go over basic vocabulary from Collins Language. Below I’ve shown the answer sheets. The German worksheets look identical but have blanks for the kids to write in the proper words:

German Verb Tables: I didn’t actually print these out, but they might come in handy at some point.

The BBC has lots of free resources for learning German. The page I printed out was to help facilitate some conversation such as How are you? What’s Your Name, etc. You’ll find more BBC German resources here.

I thought I should also add that we’ll be reading some of the Bobo Siebenschlafer books.

They are pretty simple storylines that are perfect for the level my kids are at. The contents of Bobo Siebenschlafer include:

  • Bei Bobo zu Haus
  • Bobo geht einkaufen
  • Bobo im Zoo
  • Bobo auf dem Spielplatz
  • Bobo ist krank
There’s another book we got called Bobo Siebenschlafer is wieder da. I managed to find these two books used on Amazon.

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Free German Worksheets — this post includes more free resources I came across.  We’ll use some of these sheets again as well:

German Language Goldmine–German Flashcards, German Worksheets: This post includes some really cute readers (in German) great for beginners. (Das ist meine Katze, Die kleinen Freunde, etc.)  There are other links in that post as well to other free German resources:

Learning German Lesson Pages – One last post with a few pages I made for the kids a couple of years ago — such as this sheet on the colors:

This semester we’re also going to try Rosetta Stone for the first time. One of my good homeschooling friends gave me a copy and we never got it set up last semester. I’ll let you know how we like it since it is quite an investment.

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This year (2014) I’ve made some German worksheet packets for my youngest. The first one is on animals. You can visit this post to see if it’d be useful. The packet is 9 pages and is free to download: Free German Worksheet Packet on Animals

Also this fall, we’ve been watching free German stories on youtube. I made a couple of packets to go along with those. See this post: German Stories for Kids Online. The first story we listened to was Vier Freunde.

Another free resource I learned about recently is a website called e Language School and it has free German lessons on grammar, words and phrases, fairy tales and more. I haven’t used it, but thought I’d mention that since so many people seem to visit this post each day!

If you found any of this useful, I’d love to hear from you over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! ~Liesl

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