Comma Rules and Practice (Free Worksheets)

We’re coming down to the end of the school year and I wanted to make sure we reviewed a lot of the new comma rules we went over this year.  I made this sheet for my son and thought I’d share it with anyone else who might be interested. As always they are free to download.

We read over the rules together, then he had to figure out which rule applied to each sentence and had to add in the appropriate comma/s.

By the way, I included the answers as well, but they are not shown in the collage below.

Download the Comma Rules and Practice sheets:


I just thought I’d add that for our family, we spend three days on this.  We went over the rules each day and then did 6 or 7 sentences… that way we were really reinforcing the rules. On the first day, I wrote examples for DD on the back of the paper as we went over the rules and she added the commas. She actually referred to the examples of the rules more than the rules themselves as she worked on the rest of it the next few days.

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