Human Body: Skeletal System

After we did an overview of all of the different body systems, we spent a couple of days reviewing the skeletal system.  The skeleton provides support, structure and protection for the body and its organs… and because it had been nearly a year since we went over the names of the bones it was time for a review.

The kids put together our skeleton puzzle and then identified all the bones on the crayola human skeleton page and added that to their science notebook. We also sang through a song from Lyrical Science about all the bones in the body.  It was hard to sing because the words were so fast!

LD and DD did quite a bit of reading about skeletons on their own from various books we had on hand.

Here’s a small example of the crayola skeleton page, but I’m sure you can find something similar other places as well.

We have some skeleton worksheets and lapbook pages available:


ED was right there in the thick of it. She wrote out all the bones on the sheet above (with help from me telling her what letter came next), cut out and made here own lapbook page as well! 

We watched this really cute you-tube video about Stanley the Skeleton which goes over the different bones of the body. It goes over everything from your cranium (skull) to your phalanges (fingers/toes)!

If you have a preschooler at home, here’s a cute activity you can do to show the bones in their body.  Dip their hands in white paint and make a handprint on black paper and then draw an outline around it.

If possible show them an actual x-ray and compare it to their hands. All we had on hand was an old chest x-ray, but the kids were fascinated looking at it!


Then we moved on to the digestive system.  More about that early next week.


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