Isn’t This a Crazy Spring? The Kids Love It!

What a wild week weather-wise, wasn’t it? (And how’s that for some alliteration!)  The kids go out to play pretty much every day… and the weather this past week went from this…

to this… critter hunting just a few days later!

We spent a long time looking at the creatures the kids found.  The small critter in the middle had all these hairs sticking out of its side that moved around. It was about 1/2 an inch or so, but the other one was closer to 2 inches. You should have seen the big one move around.  (They were obviously in an orange bucket!)

Have you heard of the book, Nature Deficit Disorder? My kids certainly don’t suffer from that ! :)  I loved that book and highly recommend it, if you haven’t read it already… the premise is that unstructured outdoor play offers kids opportunities for  exploration, imagination or peaceful contemplation. The book talks a lot about our alienation and disconnection from nature. 

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